Lg tops samsung curved tv with curved 50-inch 4k ultra hdtv

LG moves ahead from Samsung TV with 105-inch curved UHDTV flexible screen Televisions

Large TVs are a staple of CES and this year was no exception with Samsung and LG announces 105-inch curved glass 4K Ultra HDTV. LG gave us a tour of their screens, including the giant 105 -inch, 98 inch, 79 inch and 65 inch curved TV.

 LG announces 105-inch curved glass 4K Ultra HDTV, including the giant 105 -inch, 98 inch, 79 inch and 65 inch curved TV.

105-inch LG UHDTV curve is pretty impressive. To get 65-inch TV with a curved edge and a real sense of the curvature.

We also had the opportunity to see the new curves flexible OLED TVs in action. Press a button on the TV remote, and moves quickly from the curved position (best for a public right in front) to adjust to a flat position to a wider audience.

LG 79-inch OLED HDTV flexible first corner, then a few seconds later, completely flat . TV is a bit noisy as it recovers, but the movement is fluid.

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Curved screens appear on mobile phones, some of which this year into the United States. LG showed us curved OLED screens, the phone size screens rigid and traditional smartphone seem awkward.

This device, used in the middle of the screen on the right side of the screen . LG representatives were invited to turn to get an idea of ​​its flexibility of curved glass 4K Ultra HDTV.