Weather channel directv dropped on tuesday in dispute

Weather Channel on DirecTV dropped in the middle of contract dispute

The Weather Channel DirecTV has disappeared from the DirecTV channels area shortly after midnight Tuesday, the latest escalation involved in a negotiation.

Direct tv weather channel station number goes blank on Tuesday after long dispute with directv

DirecTV (DTV, Fortune 500), the largest U.S. retailer satellite TV seems the weather channel with a 24-hour Weather Channel of nation that DirecTV has been replaced promoted as an alternative.

"This is unprecedented in the Weather Channel," said David Kenny, managing director of the parent company of The Weather Channel . "In our 32 years we have never had a major disruption due to the inability to reach an agreement on the transport."

Usually when cable channels and distributors in the war for money, both parties warn customers that a fault can be a disadvantage. This time the weather channel says that it will be very dangerous.

The chain has the support of the public trying to remind people that this, A life-threatening emergency in bad weather.

"The Weather Channel is just another TV channel. This is an indispensable resource that keeps families safe," proclaimed by

In the channel sinister game is to write a "vital community resources to save lives" for 20 million households.

The Weather Channel is displaying messages of support from residents in communities affected by tornadoes and representatives of groups of emergency management.
It is a letter to Jim Cantore, a channel famous meteorologist, who said it would be irresponsible to be DirecTV also in circulation, "deny viewers access to critical and potentially vital in times of bad weather information."

The strategy is provocative because it looks like DirecTV indifferent to the safety of customers.
Kenny in an interview before the failure, said the strategy "is a strong argument, and I think it resonates because it's true."

DirecTV, of course, is not true. Dan York, Director of the content for the company, said on Monday afternoon that "things were relatively quiet" between the two parties, and that a "significant gap" remains. "But we hope that we find a way to reach an agreement," York said.

York and other leaders of DirecTV say that, in contrast to the position of the Weather Channel, there are many other sources of news time urgency these days, including Weather nation.
"If information is available everywhere, it is not necessary that people have to pay a premium," said York in a phone interview.

He assured that the weather channel is dedicated to the 40 percent of its programming to reality shows.

The Weather Channel says the offending comment on reality TV programs is unfair to resent how recently the live coverage and marginalized some of the recorded programs, frustrated the loyal viewers.

Usually, when these conflicts come to light, it is because the owner of a chain requires a large increase in pay for a channel.

But in this case, Kenny said, the weather channel just looking for an increase of one cent per customer. DirecTV said, "we  wanted to lower our prices." (The market research firm SNL Kagan estimates that the dealer channel currently costs about 13 cents per customer per month.)

York, refused to enter the specific financial terms, but the desired increase Weather Channel is "much more than" a penny figure.

The Weather Channel was released on Friday with a campaign against DirecTV. The company said its anti-DirecTV website has over 700,000 page views and generated nearly 150,000 calls phone banks to call DirecTV.

Although Yorkers do not agree with the assertions of the Weather Channel about the possibility of viewers of information in an emergency, recognized deprive made​​: He has never seen a marketing campaign.