Cabletv India users increases with decline of dth services

Cable TV India subscribers increases with decreasing of DTH Services

Kolhapur district found that the users of direct to home TV (DTH ) services declines and the cabletv subscribers increased  recent time.

Cabletv tvcable India subscribers increases with decreasing of DTH Services

Not less than 53293 users of DTH were reported in February 2014, a decrease from 54415 in February last year. Entertainment Official Anil Deshmukh said that the number of DTH connections in the district during 2012-13 was more than 54 415 numbers dropped to 53 293 sales for the current year as a rule of my department is on the rise due to the increase in the number of users connecting tvcable growth in the arcades and entertainment features of some temporary permits opening festivities at several hotels.

In the fall of users of DTH services, which are marketed for their high quality and variety of program packages, Yashoraj Patil, Chief Operating Officer of B News, a local cable operator said: "The service fee (charge) of the tvcable is much lower than the DTH. Customers in the district of Kolhapur is looking primarily at an affordable price, rather than quality of service. As the operator of a service provider of a cabletv said that the Agency of my customers can not force you to make the payment within a specified time. I usually wait a few months to receive payments from customers. If a customer becomes delinquent of cable TV, the signal stops and the customer can not see a single channel, unless the fee is paid.

A provider of DTH services in the area of ​​the city, who wished to remain anonymous, said, "The challenges in rural areas with low connectivity and technical problem in the process to recharge DTH, the farmers receive income on their work based not monthly, so they can not make the payment monthly."

The average cost for DTH services from a minimum of Rs 250 per month and a further increase, while the cabletv, cable operators charged between Rs 80 and Rs 120 for the basic service. With a larger number of channels the service for the highest rate available. Although the image quality and the service is poorer than the DTH.

"They have the same clientele here in Mumbai and Pune. For most people here, what matters most is the economical look," Patil said.

The district collectorate has a collection of Rs 7,050,000 rupees at the end of January 2013 this year to 7.57 increased, data reported by the end of January. The increase of Rs 52 lakh revenue for the district Unterhaltungsabteilungist especially the increase in the number of rooms and videos on the parties.