MY-HD dth tv dubai added two discovery hd channels

My HD  direct-to-home (DTH) satellite operator Dubai added two discovery TV channels in DTH package

MY-HD DTH added HD Animal Planet and Discovery Science HD on its platform in low-cost pay TV for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

My HD  direct-to-home (DTH) satellite operator Dubai added two discovery TV channels

"We My-HD excited to enhance HD versions of Animal Planet and Discovery Science to our growing portfolio of leading channels at no extra cost to servr existing customers," said Cliff Nelson, CEO, My-HD TV.

"This agreement is an important step for MY-HD DTH TV, as it now offers 39 HD channels, which is more than any other DTH platform TV/Satellite TV in the region and will continue to work hard to provide the best image quality for our subscribers in the MENA regions to provide best quality content and HD services", he added.

The (My-HD DTH) satellite operator in the home, launched from Dubai in 2012 , now offers customers in the Arab world, 42 channels, including 37 high-definition (HD).

Animal Planet HD explores the life of wild and domestic animals, with programs like the lazy meetings and deadly islands, my cat from hell and sirens: the new data.

Discovery Science is the science, technology and engineering involved in an entertaining way, with series like How Tech Works, Bang Goes the Theory and Wormhole with Morgan Freeman.