Tatasky dth added new karaoke VAS with hungama.com

Tata Sky DTH added new karaoke service with Hungama

DTH Tata Sky has tied up with Hungama.com to launch a Karaoke service based on SRD, which the company claims is the first in the world. The service provides music, videos, as well as song lyrics and Sur Meter , which evaluates the performance characteristics of a single song.

Tatasky added new dth services tv internet and streaming tv

The company says that the song library is updated once a month and an album is available to subscribers to try the service for free. It is priced at Rs 1990 for a microphone and an annual subscription price, while the current annual subscription costs 600 Rs. It should be noted that tatasky karaoke only works will with TataSky+ HD box.

This is an interesting move by the company that is trying to offer more value-added services in the recent past. Tatasky dth announced its TV around the world at the end of 2013 to life, which would allow customers to view their TV content on their phones while traveling. It also has other interactive services under the brand active for music, education, food, and games and others.

Although karaoke systems are on the market is readily available but not said good for the music. There are several systems that artificially mute the song, but these systems at the end of the inhibition of multiple instruments in a song. Then there are those versions of popular songs that were recorded by studies of names for use in karaoke. However, these records are usually of poor quality. If that's the case, Tata Sky has a wise choice in conjunction with Hungama. You can now made ​​karaoke versions of popular songs without compromising on the quality.

It should be noted that the site Gaana-time Internet music streaming and a karaoke function, but Tata Sky dth would have tied up with Hungama, as there are a wider catalog. It is not clear why Gaana bundle your karaoke service on startup BoxTV. BoxTV dedicated application for Android-based TV streaming Amkette EvoTV and SmartPod device Woxi media.