UHD tv review: panasonic hdtv and uhdtv prices leak

UHD TV Review: UHDTV 2014 Panasonic HDTV and UHDTV prices leak

This month is good for high quality entertainment lover as the price of UHDTV and Panasonic HDTV leaked. We received information on the cost of two new high-definition TVs and one of two new UHDTVs it plans to launch this spring.

All rates listed below with new Panasonic Life + screen , updated model of the My Home screen  launched in 2013 found intelligent interface models of society .

The main point of interest here is the new series of 58-inch Panasonic AX800 Series THX certified 4K model comes with HDMI 2.0 and Display Port 1.2a input. Like other new UHDTVs from this year you can decode the content like H.265/HEVC. It also has local dimming, although Panasonic specifications are not clear, whether the LED back-light side lighting or complete assembly. Panasonic also plans to launch a series of 65-inch model AX800 with 58-inch model.

The two new lines of HDTV from Panasonic we have reduced the prices on the AS650 and AS530 series seem to be mainly for the 3D features in the first section. The price is not for the other lines of the HDTV company, the AS680 and AS640 and entrance area of the A400 series available but will update this post when we hear more.

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Panasonic AX800-series (picture below)

TC-58AX800U (58 inches): $4,499.99


4K HD ULTRA / my home screen / my currently Assistant Voice / Dual Hexa -based Processing Engine / DCI 98 % Color / THX Certified 4K / 2400 BLS (backlight scanning) / Local Dimming.

Panasonic AS650 series

What is uhd tv. UHD TV Review: Panasonic HDTV and UHDTV

TC-50AS650UE (50 -inch): $1,199.99

TC-55AS650U (55 – inch): $1,499.99

TC-60AS530U (60 inches): $1,699.99


Applications to my home screen / my current / remote shared / Swipe & Share / Internet / BLS 1500 (backlight scanning) / Dual Hexa -based Processing Engine / Smart Remote Touch with integrated microphone

Panasonic AS530 series

What is uhd tv. UHD TV Review: UHDTV 2014 Panasonic HDTV and UHDTV prices leak

TC-39AS530U ( 39 inches) : $579.99

TC-50AS530U (50 inches) : $899.99

TC-55AS530U (55-inch): $1,099.99

TC-60AS530U (60 inches ): $1,399.99


My home screen / cover my house / Remote Browser / Web / Swipe & Share / native refresh rate of 120 Hz BLB 240 (backlight flashing) / 1080p Full HD divided.

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