Entel to launch a new dth service satellite pay-tv platform in April

Entel to launch a new DTH service in April

Entel Bolivia prepares for the launch of its platform of satellite pay-TV launch in April. The new direct to home TV, a satellite Pay-TV platform in April, operational on Tupac Katari national satellite service, launched in December and on test mode till 16 March.

Entel to launch a new DTH service satellite Pay-TV platform in April

Payment option that allows customers to use the platform for a short time. according to Victor Garcia, head of marketing vice Entel, who spoke in the national news agency ABI. The DTH service is still included. To date, the offer price of Entel has not been established, although Garcia said, it will be cheaper than the current cable TV service.

DTH platform aims to cover the entire area, although initially the offer will be different in the big cities than in rural areas. Pre-payment option is available in packs of 30 days can be purchased at the offices of Entel.

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"With Tupac Katari reach all corners of the country," said Victor Garcia, the pay-TV service includes sports, cultural news and children's programs to plan plus (TLC) and Country free to air TV channels.

DTH platform is part of plans of Entel that an investment of 300 million dollars this year growth. In fact, even Entel LTE will start for the mobile Internet and households in April, the price reduction of 60% compare to cable offer.