Sky PerfecTV will launch 4K HD DTH in June

SkyPerfecTV to launch 4K HD DTH in June.

Japanese viewers can see now 4K ultra HD TV channels in June this year. Together with a consortium of other Japanese broadcasters (under NexTV-Forum nation) is reported that this 4k TV services (4k DTH) certainly start with the Brazilian World Cup, but then continue with other 4K entertainment and factual programming.

The announcement was made ​​at MIPTV, dedicated during a week of 4K screenings. Toshiaki Baba television and Promotion Forum explained that the broadcaster of NHK, Nippon TV, TV Asahi, TBS, Fuji TV, JSAT and WOWOW met with SkyPerfecTV to beam their TV channels using its satellite capacity 4K Next Generation programming.

Is driven 4K/60p with “real time HEVC encoding” and the signals are received on a classic 45cm dish of SkyPerfecTV.

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Filming has already wrapped more than a dozen documents about 4K and testing took place in the football and baseball games. March 15 shooting took in a Vegalta Sendai vs football match Gamba Osaka, and again on March 29 in Yokohama Marinos vs Kashima Antlers F. game to cameras, to test positioning and practice workflow.

Katsunari Ito, who SkyPerfect- JSAT said that the key to its ongoing strategy, the coverage of football J-League Japan in 4K ultra HD service.

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