Fox movies, Fox tv and more television channels started on ku band of Yahsat 1A

Fox Movies TV, FOX middle East hollywood movies tv and more television channels Started on KU band of Yahsat 1A in KU East beam.

How to watch fox TV. Recently fox television channels Fox movies TV, Fox, hollywood movies tv started free to air on yahsat 1A in KU East beam. 

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As you may know this beam can be locked by 90cm dish in most parts of north India. So upto Delhi in India this beam can be tracked by using only a 70 to 90cm KU dish antenna. And if you have a 6 or big C band dish antenna and you installed your dish antenna on Paksat 38 degree East, then you can easily adjust yahsat on your C band dish by putting a Ku band side lnb and can receive both Paksat and Yahsat 1A on same dish antenna. 

Previously Fox Television channels and hollywood movies TV were only on MENA beam of Yahsat 1A but Fox channels now also started on east beam of yahsat on frequency 11860 H 27500. There are total 11 channels on this TP and some have colour bars as they are still in test mode.

TP frequency of Fox movies and Fox Telecision channels for hollywood movies TV

Hollywood movies english Fox TV channels frequency. How to watch fox tv

Satellite: Yahsat 1A 52.2E
TP:         11860 H 27500

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Unknown said…
please help me what is the freque lnb for yahsat 5150 or universal 9750-10600 please help me
Waseem Ahmed said…
Hello Rashid, Actually 5150 LNB frequency is used only in C band TV reception and used in only C band type LNB. All the Television channels on Yahsat are in KU band type. So, you for Yahsat the LNB frequency should be 09750-10600.
Unknown said…
can I watch fox tv in nepal small size dish(dd free dish)