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Free top apps Chromecast 2015, new chromecast apps and chromecast compatible apps.

Chromecast supported apps. Build a home video surveillance system, play Flappy Bird on TV, educate your children to find chromecast news apps and more with Google Chromecast.

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We all know Chomecast supports a handful of major top apps chromecast such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Vevo, Plex, Rdio and BT Sport, and enjoy purchased your movies and music on Google or on the stored device or network dongle transmission. But what about other applications that you do not know? More hromecastthan 250 applications support chromecast. Here are our picks for some great free chromecast streaming app for Android Chromecast.

Best free apps for Chromecast 2015 United Kingdom: Wuaki.TV

All Wuaki.TV catalog of movies and TV shows are now streaming available on Chromecast. Moreover, as introduction celebrate offer £20 discount for chromecast users when buying a TV series from HBO catalog which include Game of Thrones, True Detective and The Sopranos. catalog contains the contents of the Hollywood studios, most retailers in the UK, such as the BBC and ITV. Movies and TV shows are available for rental and sale of 2.49 pounds.

New chromecast apps CloudCaster

CloudCaster is a free best chromecast apps that run on Google Chromecast that can play media files you saved on cloud storage services. This means you can play music stored in your Dropbox account, Photos from Google Drive and also documents. The disadvantage is that the free version of cloudCaster allows you to connect to a single cloud-based storage services for which it is registered. But Cloud Caster support files of DLNA, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Bitcasa, safe and WebDAV stored, plus you can transfer files to your device via SMB/CIFS, and SugarSync.

Top apps chromecast CastOnTV Instagram

Chromecast supported apps, CastOnTV Instagram enables you to enjoy Instagram on your widescreen TV. With this best chromecast apps, a stunning Instagram slideshow with background music comes to life on the TV screen. CastOnTV Instagram allows you to more viewers from your own photos on Instagram or other Instagram users that follow, share, and support background music and dynamic transition effects. You can enjoy demo version or buy a full version with £1.08 only.

Top apps chromecast, CameraCast

We love PhotoWall of Google Android and iOS, which enables us to get connected to our Wi-Fi network send photos to the TV screen from phone, tablet or PC. The resulting interactive photo wall can even be stored in a video file. But CameraCast Chromecast offer a slightly different view of the concept of slides for Android devices.

It also allows you to transfer images from the camera of the device to the TV screen, and also support different feeds of media immediately by various devices. But with the release of CastCamera app, it is much more useful, so that you have a timer that detects and sends feed to television and can take images at specific intervals, but to keep the battery charged to have to always plugin the device. We with this app we can make a home CCTV systems costs just £1.21 but well plus the cost of your tablet/smartphone, TV and Chromecast dongle also.

Best free apps for Chrome 2015 Fish Up Down

If you like Flappy Bird, Fish up down, which is available for iOS. This clone follow a similar concept with playing a large swimming Screen button on your phone or tablet to maneuver a fish through small holes in the columns. If these small holes appear much larger in TV screen - even if half of the screen is consumed by the game's leaderboard.

If you want to play games on the TV using Chromecast, do not forget to also check Gaming Cast (85p gets Snake, Pong and other classics) TicTacToe (aka Tic Tac Toe, free) and Verdugo (also free). All Chromecast multiplayer games support've seen so far, which makes them ideal for playing in the lounge.

Download chromecast app, EduKids for Chromecast

EduKids for Chromecast is the top apps chromecast you need to give to your child. It is still in beta, but you can be sure that your child understands implications of this.

Just to make sure, EduKids are there to educate your kids about some of the important lessons of life. The TV will play images and the child must then touch the image displayed on the screen of the relevant animal selection. And it's not always as easy as it sounds, especially if it shows, for example, four images of birds and must decide what will be one of them "quacks". If only EduKids would also say, what is called for an animal that can draw on something. Hopefully the kids can answer the next adult will not with the edukids for chromecast app.

Other lessons include a declaration that the image in a pair is a matter of course, as "curve", "square" or "white" or or "duty". Sometimes EduKids trying to catch the same pair is represented by pictures, but by changing the term. And it works.

Best free apps for Chrome 2015 Great Britain: Other best app to downloaded for ChromeCast

Other free chromecast supported apps you can try are Chrome Beta (full or Google Chrome on a desktop computer), suggesting the browser window on the TV, more BubbleUPnP, allowing you to stream media, and access to many other devices, including DLNA -TV, consoles, hi-fi systems and ofcourse Chromecast.

Many other great free chromecast supported apps are available, appearing every day. If you have your favourite best chromecast apps, let us know in the comments below.