Best LED TVs Revealed TV reviews

Best LED TVs Revealed, best led tv 2014 TV reviews.

How Do I Find The Best LED TVs 2015? Bigger? Smaller? Does a heftier price tag indicate a better TV? Will I be able to see from any angle? Will I be satisfied with the color I see? Can I watch my LED TV anytime without having to worry about the glare from the sun?
These are the questions you should be asking, and we will deliver the answers you are seeking.

You were brought here because you’re searching for the best of the best. We have compiled the cream of the crop for you to review and use to your advantage.

Best LED TVs Revealed, best led tv 2014 TV reviews.

The Best LED TVs For The Entertainment Lover:

Sharp LC-70LE73U series

This TV screams, “Bigger and better!”. A whopping 70 inches, this is the best LED TV for gamers and movie lovers. With optimum picture quality, a matte screen with no glare from the sun, and viewing ability from any angle, you’ll feel like you’re at the movie theater- but it won’t hurt your wallet quite as much!

Samsung UND6400 series

Fans of three-dimensional viewing experiences will have a field day with this television. Use Samsung active shutter glasses coupled with a full HD broadcast or a Samsung 3D Blu-ray player to see your favorite shows and movies closer than ever before. 3D not your thing?

This LED TV offers incredible clarity in 2D utilizing an Ultra Clear Panel and advanced dimming technology to produce clearer and brighter colors than ever before. With Samsung’s Allshare, you can access your downloaded photos, music, and movies. This TV is sure to be a crowd pleaser, and a centerpiece of your home.

The Best LED TVs For The Family:


Affordable, a happy medium in size, and durable – this LED TV is ideal for a family. Corning’s Gorilla Glass protects your screen from sticky fingers and flying video-game controllers, while remaining lightweight and frameless all the while. Even YouTube videos can be seen in crystal-clear resolution thanks to the X-Reality PRO technology.

This TV is equipped with Full HD 1080p, so watch your favorite action flick while the kids are sleeping without worrying about motion-blur. Enjoy automatic delivery of apps so you’re never out of the loop! You’ll be the coolest parent on the block and the host of many movie nights with this TV.

Vizio XVT3SV series

This is the best LED TV for a family on a bit of a tight budget! Affordable as ever, it offers all of the perks as a more expensive TV from a bigger and well-known manufacturer. The matte screen makes for a pleasurable viewing experience in even a sun room! There are various inputs for any hook-ups you’d like to make.

The picture quality is nothing less than outstanding- the blackest of blacks, brightest of yellows, and deepest of reds. Contrary to modern day remotes that look as if they’ve been delivered directly from outer-space, the remote is able to be navigated easily by everyone, not just your teenager, and eliminates certain stress of reading and re-reading your instruction manual. The LED TV is extremely lightweight; if you’re short an entertainment center, mount this TV to the wall without any problem. Since it’s so affordable, buy two! Reap the benefits of this TV in your living area and bedroom.

These are the top options of the best selections for entertainment lovers and families. Each TV offers optimum picture quality and the assurance of satisfaction. Study our best LED TV reviews and compare to make the best possible selection for your needs.