Toshiba launched Android based full HD 4k LED TV sets with led backlight

Toshiba launches  Android lcd led with  Full 4K HD LED TV.
Electronics company Toshiba launches Android based HD television, Full HD and 4K Ulta HD lcd led and HDTV in India.

Toshiba launched Android based full HD 4k LED TV sets with led backlight

The new series of full hd 4k televisions are equipped with wireless Internet (WI-Fi) and a Web browser. The new led backlight TVs are based on Android 4.4 KitKat operating system and users can download applications from Google Play Store. These TVs also have the features that users can connect them with game controller and can play android games on the big screen. Users can also connect wi-fi keyboard and mouse to write or point on their new 4K UHD Led TV sets.

Toshiba new Android TVs can also support Miracast the screen mirroring function to stream media content between many devices without cable or network connection. Users can manage images, videos and games on your smartphone or tablet with their Toshiba LED TV.

Toshiba L9450 Series 4K TVs full hd oder uhd come with high-gloss panel, wide range of colors, the Ultra HD 4k hd technology and image processing engine CEVO 4K.

According to the company, offers the CEVO Engine 4K better image quality with four times the pixels than Full HD. HD 4k resolution + technology to convert televisions' increases the details. Users can change their near Full HD quality content with Ultra HD content with 4K Resolution plus technology.

Active Motion Plus and Resolution 3100 reduces motion blur and keeps up with fast-paced sports and action sequences in full hd 4k TVs. Optimized hd 4k resolution frame rates-TV, video processing technology, led backlit by sophisticated algorithm to improve the image plate, the company said.

With High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology options in toshiba led android, users can improve their recorded content   from which some elements missed during recording, will be restored in order to improve the contrast, texture and shine.

The Labyrinth speaker system in 65L9450 and 50L9450 models and the high bass system reflux woofers in 84L9540 model offers improved sound quality. The company says that they improved the sound quality by improving the design of these compact speakers, Port resonance frequency for better bass reproduction.

4K UHD LED TV, the L9450 series is available in 50-65 and 84-inch screen sizes, priced at Rs 1,99,000, Rs 3,69,900 and Rs 10,49,000 respectively.

The L5400 series full hd oder uhd feature the CEVO engine Prima dual-core GPU more audio and video enhancing and gaming performance. The 10-bit video processing holds the 10-bit input data quality video processing, manufacture of more than 1 billion colors, which gives a more realistic picture with an intensity of color accuracy and smooth transition from the color of the original source, such as Toshiba. The peculiarity of the motion and resolution Activa addition reduces motion blur and keeps the sport and the speed of movement of the action sequences real time. TVs update screen, video processing and led backlight technology and hd 4k resolution of the panel is up to the mark.

The toshiba led android L5400 4k hd led backlight series with Android comes in sizes 32, 40, 47 and 56 inch, at Rs 38,990, Rs 58.990, Rs 85,990 and Rs 1,29,990 in price respectively.