PEMRA to launch dth in Pakistan with the help of Swiss consultant

PEMRA hires swiss consultant for DTH licenses in Pakistan. So, new DTH service in Pakistan soon and PEMRA said the new pak dth service would be a major step of broadcasting arena in Pakistan.

Direct to home TV service (DTH TV) rent license in Pakistan.

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) forwarded a letter of intent (LOI) to digital strategy consulting firm Digital Strategy Consulting Services, Switzerland for the introduction of direct to home TV service (DTH TV) rent license in Pakistan.

PEMRA published the notice in major newspapers from 30 October 2014 invited proposals for consultant/company/international companies to hire a best suitable consultant firm to launch Pakistan firest direct to home TV service. As a result, five consultancies submitted their proposals as of 1 Dezember 2014.

PEMRA committee formed to evaluate proposals carefully evaluated the technical and financial proposals in light of PPRA rules and recommended digital strategy consulting firm Digital Strategy Consulting Services, Switzerland, which was then approved by the Authority in its 101st meeting on January 16th 2015.

The selected consultant/firm of Switzerland international  by PEMRA help PEMRA to start DTH service in Pakistan by preparing eligibility criteria fot the launch of DTH, license template, bidding methods, fixing base price of dth service, recommendation on number of licenses to be issued for different companies and the duration of licenses etc.

Direct to home TV service, DTH TV service is a platform of satellite TV distribution of digital television channels directly to households through small dish antennas with the help of powerful footprint of the satellite without any intermediary medium. DTH service first downlink different television channels from various satellite then combines them into a bouquet. Uplink and downlink through a additional satellites for distribution to customers directly with the help of a small dish Antenna and a digital set top box, STB.

PEMRA said that direct to home TV service, DTH in Pakistan would be a major step of broadcasting arena. With the launch of DTH in Pakistan, users will have much more access to quality TV content with integrated digital features like child lock, electronic program guide, Internet and video on demand service with affordable price.

DTH service makes it easier to regulate and control the demand of the TV stations that do not fit into the conventional analogue TV network and cable service. This technology facilitate the users to enjoy as many channels without interruption in their homes.

The beginning of this digital medium would create jobs for thousands of people. In addition to the injection of investment of billions of rupees in the economy with the launch of DTH in Pak. PEMRA also provides the licensing of more foreign channels and local channels for the new DTH TV service.

With the launch of Pakistan DTH TV service, will stop and reduce the threat posed by the illegal distribution of DTH of neighboring in Pakistan, which caused an estimated annual loss of $200 million to the Treasury, in addition to being a source of piracy in Pakistan.