New movie TV channels and more TV channels added on Asiasat 3s

More TV channels added on Asia Sat 3S satellite TV platform, including movie television channels.

 Here is a latest satellite TV update from asiasat 3s that more free to air TV channels added on this most powerful satellite TV platform in Asia satellite TV service platform on Asiasat 3S at 105.5 East.

Silver Screen, Star Lite, Film Asia, Star Max, Champion TV, Falak TV added on Asiasat 3S

 The number of free to air TV channels are increasing day to day on Asiasat and also we knoe that another Asiasat satellite fleet joined ont the best degree at 105.5 East to provide more television service and more free to air as well as paid TV channels in MPEG 2, MPEG 4 and HD TV channels. The newly added satellite is AsiaSat 8, which is currently in testing phase and will soon ready to provide its satellite TV service across the Asia.

 So, these are the some basic things about ASia sat. Now, without wasting your more time, i will update you more about the new free to air TV channel added on ASiasat 3S.

 First Sahara One, Filmy and Sahara Firangi free to air on Asiasat 3s

 Sahara TV channels are free to air on Asia sat 3S. Sahara one, filmy and Sahara Firangi are running in free to air more. These channels were in paid mode but still a week, these are running free to air. Firstly i thought that these are temporary FTA, so, i prefer not to share with you. But sorry for late post, they are still running free to air so enjoy that. I am not sure whether they shifted to FTA or there is some problem but any how you can watch Bollywood movies in free to air.

Tp, frequency of Sahara One, Filmy and Firangi of Asia Sat 3S:

Frequency:   4020 V 27250 in DVB-S/MPEG-2. This is strong frequency of AsiaSat 3S, if you want to set Asia sat at 105 East, tune this strong Tp, frequency and you can get Asia sat quite easily.

Silver Screen, Star Lite, Film Asia, Star Max, Champion TV, Falak TV added on Asiasat 3S

 So, here is the new TV channels list added on Asia sat 3s. Silver Screen and Star Lite were on Paksat before and they now shifted to Asiasat but Film Asia, Star Max, Champion TV and Falak TV are newly launched television channels of Pakistan. They are currently in Test mode and showing Bollywood Movies and Bollywood songs.

 The TP frequency to get Silver Screen, Star Lite, Film Asia, Star Max, Champion TV, Falak TV from Asia sat 3s is:

TP, Frequency:  3913

Polarity:          V

Symbol rate:   7260

Mode:            DVB-S/MPEG-2.