TRAI limits dth dish install and activation to RS 350 also refund scheme

TRAI proposes Rs 350 activation limit for DTH connection, dish installation and other DTH TV account activation charges.

According to new TRAI rule, a direct to home TV service provider, DTH operators will not be able to charge for the installation and activation of the device like installing dish antenna, activating set top box etc for more than Rs 350, as per the new draft order of telecoms regulator. The aim of this new order is to provide more power to consumers of DTH services and to provide them the right to shift to any DTH operator they want without any problem. Telecom Regulatory authoritys and India (TRAI) has issued several projects addresses when made in the last rules to protect the interests of cable television subscribers with DTH services.

Any price of DTH operators of all types of equipment to the customer (CPE) offered by his office and the cost of installation and activation if any, must be specified in full. DTH operators can have a vesting period of 3 months to specify all offers and prices for all it offers programs and services they provide. These instructions are provided to subscribers to help without clogging DTH operators with the equipment of a particular service. Customers have the right to shift to any any direct to home TV service they want without changing the set top box. Also denote a place in every district center to the customer premises to provide DTH equipment to consumers.

Each DTH operator provide facilities of better customer-care services to their subscribers and should register the request of surrender of the connection on a toll free number and should display that on their websites. There is no obligation for the DTH operator to make a payment for the returned customer premises equipment after it has been used by the participants for five years. Each DTH equipment should be collected within fifteen days of receipt of the request made by the subscriber, while in seven days, the payment of the refund is to be ensured.

TRAI has invited principles of the comments and views of the stakeholders on March 13, 2015, however, at the request of the parties, the deadline for receipt of written comments was extended up to March 19.