Monday, 27 April 2015

NBC sports now on Apple TV but cable required for live streaming

NBC Sports launched on Apple TV, but cable is required for live streaming. Also available on Roku today. NBC Sports Live Extra it is the new "TV channel", available on the Apple TV, and promises to deliver more than 3,000 live streams to viewers each year.

NBC sports now on Apple TV but cable required for live streaming

Arriving in time for the Stanley Cup playoffs underway, the live extra application is available live on set-top box from Apple, as well as the product line of Roku. NBC says you will see much more than hockey in the coming months; Extra will be broadcast live next summer and Winter Olympics, Sunday Night Football (more preseason NBC and NFL coverage after the season), the PGA Tour, the Premier League, and original programming. This marks the first time the application NBC Sports' has come in TVs. It was previously only available on smartphones, tablets, and the web.

But watching live sports require existing cable subscription - just like any other TV Everywhere application. As companies like Dish, Sony, even Verizon continue to spread from the traditional pay-TV business, NBC keeps pushing TV Everywhere app as "the effort of the media industry for the quality of content available to customers both inside authenticated and outside the home, and on multiple platforms. " The network points to large audience numbers seen during the Olympics and NFL broadcasts as evidence that TV Everywhere is to give consumers what they want. And if you are not a subscriber cable, at least, Apple TV gives you the option to hide those applications that never launch.

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