Tata Sky dth launched small recharge of RS 8 for one day full pack

Now recharge your DTH TV with only RS 8, Tata Sky launches small sachet size dth recharge Coupons. After tea, shampoo, spices and other brands, now its time for direct to home television company to launch small sachet like recharge. Tata Sky DTH is the first direct to home TV company which offers a small recharge coupon of Rs 8 to enable the user to enjoy DTH services for a day.

Tata Sky dth launched small recharge of RS 8 for one day full pack

It is the smallest denomination promo DTH recharge may be in the market for television service. DishTV active users can recharge a minimum of Rs 10, while Airtel Digital TV offers a choice of RS 35. But this new Tata Sky small RS 8 recharge is for both active and non-active users. It means that the non-active connections of Tata Sky can also recharge with RS 8 and watch the DTH TV content for a full day.

The new recharge coupon of Tata Sky targeting rural India, at a time when the urban market for DTH services matures. The rural market with many spectators on analogue services still rely, offers a great opportunity for companies like Tata Sky to expand its viewer-ship.

"Every time when we wanted to know about our customer choice, our customers ask why they should pay for the whole month, if there is no electricity for half the time," said Harit Nagpal, MD and CEO of Tata Sky. "In addition to a power failure, there are many other occasions when a house not watch TV at all and for a day's pay, this movement (low per day recharge) can help in optimization of your entertainment budget."

To complete the offer, Tata Sky advertising agency, Ogilvy & Mather communicate, created 13 deals each 35 seconds to tell a love story filmed in a village near Srinagar. 

The first phase of the line above or media, the campaign cost about 40 billion rupees, Nag Pal said. The second phase will focus on small towns and villages. The budget for the entire campaign is not yet complete, as it could take six months to two years to complete, he said.
With logistics costs are coupons with distributors would be the cost per charge 3.2% higher than normal, Nagpal said. However, the company is ready, the additional cost in the hope that it will increase their customer base and absorb the effectiveness of existing subscribers.

A rival Tata Sky DTH moving company executive called again and said he was not in the best interest of the industry. Indicating how the ARPU (average revenue per user per month) and one of the lowest in India, said the move would be detrimental to the TV business.