cCloud TV livestreams 500 IPTV channels online for free

cCloud TV livestreams 500 IPTV channels online for free. cCloud TV now has 500 channels offering IPTV English, Chinese, Arabic, Russian and Spanish content. cCloud TV, an online service that allows users to stream IPTV channels free of charge, has now expanded to offer 500 channels including premium cable channels.

The service is a cloud-based player, which essentially allows anyone to watch Football or cable TV channels without paying a penny, offering everything from world channels to entertainment channels like Fox Movies HD, Sky Atlantic, HBO news, Cartoon Network, AnimeTV, SyFy, MTV and Disney Channel.

cCloud TV livestreams 500 IPTV channels online

There are also numerous sports channels including BT Sports, ESPN, Eurosport and Sky Sports and educational channels like Discovery, History Channel, National Geographic, Animal Planet and the Travel Channel.

The latest update adds even more channels to the service, with many more options for movies and sports, as well as offers of foreign languages ​​in Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Hindi, and radio channels as well.

Some of the channels are free-to-air and live on the internet and but others definitely are not free.

No IPTV streams are housted in the service

The IPTV streams, which could not all be legal, can now be seen in a large number of devices, consoles and smart TV using the TV player cCloud. When the service initially launched in May, cCloud TV received a lot of requests DCMA creators and content providers, but requests have already vanished like cCloud TV says none of the content is hosted on their servers.

"I have never described how cCloud works not expecting cCloud to go all viral Content providers thought we were broadcasting all channels, but in reality we are not. We're just stream synchronization that can be found on the web," cCloud IBTimes UK TV said.

"We nothing nor has any database for our cloud service. CCloud is built by the community, that are links IPTV and make short links so our player cloud can synchronize flows several players."

cCloud TV also explained that, since the DCMA requests are frequently sent to websites that host these illegal flows, often falling in 24 hours, so the cloud community finds new bonds to replace them, and in a sense, almost It flows expected to be taken down if they were obtained illegally.

"Currently, we have about 80,000 users daily and returning 1,000 or more new visitors every day," he added cCloud TV.

cCloud TV is now compatible with Windows PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, Chromecast, Airplay, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Smart TV Samsung, Nexus player, and Xbox One Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4, Wii U , Google TV, TV and Plex Android.