Pluto TV online video streaming service will stream Hulu

Pluto TV, online video stream service target Cord Cutters and will stream Hulu. Up-and-coming video streaming service aimed at cable cutters, the PlutoTV now free distributing Hulu content, thanks to a new distribution agreement between the two companies. Pluto TV, the addition means service will now be able to offer a wider variety mainstream fare, including popular network programs like ABC, NBC and Fox.

The agreement was first reported by Variety, noting that the contents include a variety of current and former shows like “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and “Saturday Night Live”; and “Seinfeld,” “Star Trek,” “Cheers,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Happy Days”, for example.

However, the nature of the agreement between the two companies is not as extensive as something like the recent announcement of Hulu which is distributing Showtime, for example. A society where so much business involved and the deeper technical integration between the two companies, the share of Hulu TV Pluto was mainly about making your web player a little easier to embed in website TV Pluto.

There, users can view Hulu programs – as well as see ads powered by Hulu ad server. That means the TV deal is similar to Pluto Hulu has been formed in the past with companies like MSN, Yahoo and AOL.

It also means that the agreement is quite limited in nature. While Pluto television is now available through a number of platforms, including web, iOS, and Android via streaming media players like Amazon and Fuego Fuego TV TV Stick, Chromecast, Apple TV (via AirPlay), Android and Samsung Smart TV TV, Hulu Content only work on the website of Pluto TV and Android, we understand.

In addition, programming Hulu is only available in a new “on demand” section of the site of Pluto come TV, and no linear transmission area.

That said, for fans of Pluto TV service, integrating Hulu is remarkable. The company now offers an interesting competitor in the world of video streaming services that target heavily on the younger demographic – the “cord cutters” and “spinal nevers” are giving up pay-TV subscriptions for streaming services like Netflix combined with free video content, YouTube style.

Pluto TV is leveraging this change in user behavior with their service, which allows you to view over 100 online channels and through its platform applications. Channels are organized by categories such as interest in music, sports, entertainment, comedy, lifestyle, technology, education, children and more, and are arranged in a line type “TV guide” interface. The idea is to help users discover Web videos they like and allow them to personalize the experience further by building their own custom alignments favorite programs.

Video sequences, for its part, come from a variety of sources, including YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Funny or Die, and elsewhere. Being able to include in this mixture now Hulu was greatly expanded content selection Pluto TV, even if it’s just the free programming that is available.

Pluto TV, which is backed by over $ 13 million USVP and others, remains an early start, so has not yet revealed its scope – or rather, what Hulu is out of this distribution agreement. But according to CEO Tom Ryan, the company is “the delivery of millions of video views every day.”

“We have a captive audience that a company like Hulu is attracted to,” he says. “We believe it is a historic agreement for Pluto television. Our promise is to combine traditional and digital content in a shed behind TV experience and this agreement goes a long way to fulfill that promise.”

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