TVplayer apps streams UK 25 pay TV channels for 5 per month

TVPlayer application streams UK 25 pay-TV channels of a five a month. For a long time, the channels of premium TV were locked behind cable subscriptions and expensive satellite pay TV option in the UK. If you wanted to watch National Geographic, for example, you have to pay a little more for a special channel package. 

But viewers want choice, flexibility and cheaper prices, forcing operators to launch TV channels and programs most precious "unbundling". It is a positive trend, but many channels are still hard to find as part of cheaper, autonomous monthly subscriptions. 

TVplayer apps streams UK 25 pay TV channels for 5 per month

Now, here it is where comes in TVPlayer The company already offers free streaming (DTT) channels open, and now is preparing a package paid "Plus" for £5 per month, you will be able to watch 25 channels of pay TV, including National Geographic, History and the Discovery Channel.

For that amount, you also get to catch up to the selected channels. It is an interesting option if you can not afford a package of satellite or cable TV, or just fancy some additional channels to bulk up your subscription of Netflix.

TVPlayer is now available on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Amazon Fire TV - Chromecast, Fire TV Smart TV Stick and support will come with "more" later this summer. In addition, the company is promising packages of gender-based channel before year end - if you can deliver, Sky, BT and Virgin Media should be careful.