Dish Network No deal With WDAY and WDAZ TV channels yet

Dish Network still reached no agreement with the television channels of WDAZ and WDAY and the next deadline is at noon on 12th October. If you are a customer of Dish Network and you see programming of WDAY and WDAZ on  Dish Network then you can loose your yourite TV shows of WDAY and WDAZ on next Monday afternoon of October12.

WDAY and Dish Network are in negotiations on a new agreement and still they do not reached to the desire agreement, WDAY said in a statement that the extension that they set expired on late September 30. So to achieve an agreement with Dish Network, WDAY set a new deadline of noon October 12. WDAY said that if no agreement occurs between them then WDAY and WDAZ will go blank for Dish Network customers.

Dish Network No deal With WDAY and WDAZ TV channels yet, Dish network number

As we can see these cases often when the satellite TV providers that various channels fails to reach an agreement on new contracts in a timely manner, so that the TV channels on satellite TV providers stop broadcasting their channels. Here both Dish network and WDAY both sides are trying to win the public relations battle.

Dish Network has a new television channel, #7, between the channel of WDAY at channel number 6and TV channel of WDAZ  at channel number8. Viewers of Dish network TV service when click on them they can read a paragraph about how Dish Network is in the right, and WDAY is wrong.

Meanwhile, in its press release WDAY indicates that Dish Network is trying to convince customers that the negotiations is a question of money. WDAY said that this is not the case and that all local subsidiaries of Dish Network to cost less than sports channel to their customers.

WDAZ encourages interested viewers of Dish Network to contact Dish network custom care number at 855-318-0572 and press # 2 in connection and tell Dish Network to negotiate a fair deal with WDAY to enjoy uninterpreted television channels of WDAY and WDAZ .