Verizon launched Go90 App free mobile TV Streaming service

Verizon Go90 launched free mobile TV Streaming. You can watch free movies and videos on your smartphone devices with support of internet tv, thanks to a new Verizon Go90 live mobile TV service.

Verizon Go90 mobile TV app is free to use and is based on ads, free streaming is available on your phone or tablet, smartphones - the price verizon mobile TV is totally free and it provide a free service, regardless of your network operator. The application of Verizon Go90 is currently available for Apple and Android devices, it also supports Google Nexus or Nexus 5X 6P and Iphones.

Verizon launched Go90 App free mobile TV Streaming service
Mobile video streaming service Verizon Go90 allows you to watch live prime-time TV and live online coverage of the Games, such as sports, news and concerts. Verizon also has agreements with content providers such as AwesomenessTV, DreamWorks, Vice TV, CineStar yelevision channel and Machinima. You can also expect to see popular programs of Discovery, Food Network, Comedy Central and ESPN, with no subscriptions.

Verizon subscribers can also watch live NFL games for free. Verizon is the largest wireless carrier in the United States traditionally has exclusive benefits for its customers.

While Go90 is currently available for mobile devices, Verizon may consider desktop devices to support, so that you can watch movies on your web browser or Streaming media player, such as Roku. For now it is only available on mobile devices.

The Go90 name refers to the 90-degree rotation, which can adjust your phone or tablet when you view a movie in landscape mode.

In addition to streaming of video content, Go90 also allows media sharing on social sites and allowing you to keep in touch with other Go90 users. So, Verizon mobile TV service is best for you if you want to stream live TV directly on your mobile devices.