Arqiva acquires 15 transponders of Eutelsat 28E for HD TV channels

Arqiva acquires HD transponders of Eutelsat satellite capacity. Arqiva has a multi-year commitment with Eutelsat Communications for a 15 transponder at 28 degrees East to broadcast HD video service to the market for DTH in UK.

These additional transponders powers the Arqiva strategy to underlying the Significant growth of HD channels that assist in the sky and Freesat platforms in the UK

The best Arqiva award winning teleports and eutelsat combination results in signing up to the new all HD TV channel platform including Record TV HD and Daystar Television that Arqiva services throughout with the help of RUM media service.

“We have on our customers to HD transmissions for both Sky and Freesat platforms using the latest technology combined with the highest levels of quality and service. Working with Eutelsat, we are able to support our customers in order to it success and to provide them best HD service, “said David Crawford, director of television and media in Arqiva.

Azibert Michel, Managing Director and Head of Development of Eutelsat, added: “We are delighted, Arqiva meet the criteria of the highest quality service and participate in the delivery of high-definition TV to viewers at its best as more invest to provide next generation television screens. We are proud to be part of the confrontation with Arqiva levels of leadership of the quality and strength of the sector.”

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