StarTimes dth offers free HD decoder and Tv package

StarTimes offers free set top box (satellite stb) with new dth connection to compete with growing Kenya pay TV market. Chinese starTimes media exclusive satellite TV provider offers free pay TV decoder in a move to increase its presence in the growing market of digital television of Kenya and set top box market. StarTimes has a 38% market share of pay TV in Kenya, slightly above MultiChoice, while DStv and GoTV have a combined market share of 37%.

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New users receive a full high-definition (HD) satellite receiver free with a subscription of a bouquet of their choice Ksh 2499. Current users will capable of watching one month the Super Bouquet, two and half months of Smart New bouquet bouquet or five months Access to more than 100, 70 and 35 local and international television channels.

"The move aims to give more and more access to the Kenyans to watch the digital TV service via satellite TV service of StarTimes which now covers 100% of the country," said Mark Lisboa, vice president of the company for marketing.

This decision follows amendments in April with the launch of StarTimes satellite TV service which introduced a digital broadcasting service with the payment Bouquets and local free to air TV channels. This was followed by big discounts for HD decoder and the initial subscription price fall from Kshs 6499 to kshs 4499 for users who want to install the services.

To install the complete kit, you need a satellite dish antenna, a LNB, 20 meters of cable and accessories. Then customer need to pay Ksh 2499 Subscription fee and get connected. Those satellite dishes aligned at other service providers may have repositioned and connected to an HD decoder of StarTimes that will give them direct access to StarTimes dth service.

"We have the former satellite decoder deserted costs Ksh 999 to make it easier to enjoy for the Kenyans in our satellite TV service which now covers the whole country, so it is ideal for urban and rural households to have access to our Digital Television", added Mr. Lisbon.

Startimes, StarSat launched a decoder and satellite dish combo at low cost in September 2014. StarSat runs on AC and DC, which means they can be connected to the mains or battery without independent investors. Users in locations without access to the electricity may therefore be able to watch satellite TV from anywhere.
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