Amazing LG OLED TV that can be rolled up like a Paper oled tv news

OLED TV news: New amazing LG TV can be rolled up like a newspaper. LG unveiled a new OLED TV stunning concept, can be rolled up like a copy of a document. If you always complain that your widescreen Television is not flexible enough, LG has the solution.

The wafer thin 18-inch display can be wrapped like a newspaper, and put it in his backpack.

LG has already shown off the technology of roll-up TV and unveils that its OLED TV panel is only three centimeters thick.

New amazing LG TV can be rolled up like a newspaper

The LG OLED TV is 810 pixels resolution of the equally impressive with a 1200 x, but the South Korean firm has not yet defined specifications as they only unveiled the first technology.

LG is expected that TV roll-up debut will take place at the CES consumer technology conference in Las Vegas, USA.

LG roll up OLED TV could be installed on a wall with the only magnet - The company has already shown as thin and light concept television.

According to a spokesman for LG: "We need to be able to provide a satisfactory volume of television sets for our customers in July or August, which means that we expect to tighten their belts production and promotion of the third quarter."

With the curved OLED TV, LG technology giant also expected to launch a 55-inch TV screen that can display two separate images on each side.

It is believed that these double-sided TV to be directed to the Aisle to replace suspended from the ceiling traditional plates.

According to latest OLED tv news, LG is also expecting to launch a 10.3-inch LCD screen that works even with gloves.
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