Five Reasons Why you Should Buy Apple TV instead of ChromeCast

Here are five different reasons why the Apple TV is better than ChromeCast web TV. The Apple TV costs four times more than the Google Chrome cast but it's really worth.

The TV in my room did not have a cable connection. For over a year, I counted only on Google's cheap online TV streaming stick Chromecast and my smart LCD TVs consume the content. Chromecast is ideal for playback of YouTube videos, view photos from the phone to the big screen and is also used to transmit presentations in the office.

Five Reasons Why you Should Buy Apple TV instead of ChromeCast

All for Rs. 3000 is a good deal. However, I have recently spent nearly four times the amount in the fourth generation of Apple TV and I can tell you the payback period is four times too from the amazing powerful Apple TV service. How to use the Apple TV for better use and how I've used Chromecast, it's much, much better.

1) Apple TV remote, instant control

One reason why Google Chromecast is really cheap because it needed to use the phone as a remote control. Suppose you want to play YouTube video, you must open the YouTube app on your smartphone as usual, and select a movie. Once the video starts to play, as Chromecast and phone are on the same Wi-Fi network, the "Cast" button will appear at the top, with the video begins playing on TV and smartphone screen now displays buttons instead of video.

Well, I think what happens when a call comes on your mobile phone. Since the screens incoming calls most smartphones freeze the interface in general, you can do not much like video playback on the TV. All you can do is to either pull the call or take it and then ask the person to try later and return to the YouTube app to pause the video.

This was one of the worst experiences with a Chromecast luckily worked for me since Apple TV dedicated remote control play / pause and volume buttons, now there is a way to easy Internet-media communication, how you say it with the fourth overall package if To play a DVD with a DVD player control.

Not only does a physical remote control buttons, which are detectable by touch, you do not mean to look down the phone if you do simple things like exfoliating the video a little ahead. Moreover, the control of everything, which means about Chromecast had this second period that the Apple TV has made a big difference.

Side note: Chromecast made last firmware update enabled HDMI-CEC support. In other words, if your TV HDMI-CEC TV has a remote control, that can also control your Chromecast playback of media. But according to reports, this has a contradictory experience, as it does not work with all applications and all television sets.

2) A real game console

Chromecast is an inexpensive device because its modest hardware for the content "audiovisual enough is up to 1080p HD resolutions. The fourth generation of Apple TV, the other has the same physical iPhone 6 last year (ie the chip Apple A8) with 2GB of RAM (as 512 MB in Chromecast). It also has 32 GB or 64 GB of internal memory. This allows the Apple TV to iOS applications and games, such devices are running right after high quality. All this, with the physical distance remote, also has motion sensors, and you have a powerful gaming console. I had a great time in gaming, play Asphalt 8 on the big screen or a game of tennis like on a Nintendo Wii console with the Apple TV remote.

Google Chromecast also has a selection of games, but, we say simply? Sure, you could technically play on the big screen with mirroring of the screen, but the delay is very bad experience, especially if games like Asphalt 8 that require immediate response time will be played. And God forbid if you think about a high-end gaming on a budget Android phone.

Apple TV also supports Bluetooth controller third party games officially. That means you can download any games with more control to play with these types of controllers.

3) Select the audio source

4th generation Apple TV has Bluetooth, so you can connect an audio device to a wireless audio of what played on the TV to send. My old TV does not have Bluetooth, which means that I have no chance to use a Bluetooth headset for private listening if Chrome had used. Now if the Bluetooth audio device is turned on and in range automatically turned on, Apple TV and start playing the audio through that.

4) One remote control

The Apple TV can detect your TV remote control codes and store IR volume control. Once configured, use the volume buttons on the Apple Remote to change the volume of the TV directly. This is very useful because you do not have to keep juggling different remote controls and set various volume settings. Moreover, taking into account every video game volume various default is a single point of control very well. Most new TV sets with HDMI-CEC compatible can also turn on and off directly with the Apple TV remote, so no need to keep the TV remote at all time with you.

5) Apple TV Siri

While it is not yet compatible with the Apple TV with an account of India, Siri has the potential, the way we interact with the TV radically alter (and quite simply with the contact spacing). If necessary, you can ask Siri, Movies by Title show that of the people who are behind him ("Show me all the movies of Christopher Nolan"), or any other form please ("Show me released movies in 2012"). You can even control playback, for example, by having "transferred Video 2 minutes," or tell him "what he / she just say?" To rewind.
I think I'm going my case my rest.

Apple's fourth-generation TV provides the best available experience, with great potential, which is not yet used for future upgrades software and services such as Netflix, as Netflix to come in India soon.
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