D2H Life 4K Experience Ultra 4K HD TV with Videocon D2H in 2016

The impressive and extensive experience of 4K Ultra HD content from Videocon D2H HD this New Year. Videocon D2H Limited has rapid growth of DTH India completely renewed its 4K-service content on the current channel of 4K UHD broadcast - D2H life 4K, 24 hours DTH 4K TV channels and 4K service in India.

D2H Life 4K Experience Ultra 4K HD TV with Videocon D2H in 2016

Videocon D2H, a pioneer in providing the most visually stunning viewing experience for consumers who now makes available many services 4K UHD. It will be on televised again 4K UHD into about genres such as movies, Cricket, Extreme sports, destination, information and entertainment, nature, lifestyle, fitness, kitchen and much more may be included. 4K Ultra HD is 4 times the resolution of Full HD content and needs the experience to see a whole new level and dimension. 4K Ultra HD displays images at a resolution of more than 8 million pixels.

Videocon D2H has its 4K library extended for almost a year, to provide a comprehensive collection of 4K entertainment. Videocon D2H with D2H 4K life can turn your home into an oasis of calm and relaxation, thanks to its unique combination of rich, beautiful, amazing and excellent video with custom soundtracks images.

Programming is created for the enjoyment of spectators at every moment of the day. Immerse yourself in the most popular tourist in the world of your own living room destinations, experience the fascinating life hidden under the water, we'll feel like you're in a luxury hotel, explore every evening new technologies sports for extreme people in the world to 4K speechless to leave us with astonishment, get high-definition movies exclusively on premium 4K Ultra High harsh reality of fashion, watch action movies in Premium 4k quality, Ultimate Fighting Amateur, Extreme Sports Championship, intimate music videos and interviews with some the most important in today's life in 4K, 4K up the kitchen takes you to some of the most famous chefs in the world by name, opens the door of innovation in automotive technology.

4K UHD pleased with this exciting and lively, consumers can experience the thrill of a sunrise on a beach in Hawaii, later reducing the average speed on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and at the end, while the sun paints the sky in vivid colors desert in the middle of movies, sports, cooking and lifestyle content from all 4K Ultra HD can be seen.

Mr. Saurabh Dhoot, CEO, Videocon D2H said: "Our goal is to create the customer experience of the highest quality, we focus on providing a variety of content, the Ultra continues to grow, the demand for 4K content HD and develop 4K is the future content .. with this development, and we are fully furnished and ready for the future. Our new 4K UHD content is another way for our customers to premium content in our impressive 4K active channel 4K 4K UHD Life "to enjoy.

Mr. Anil Khera, CEO said of Videocon D2H "We are committed to continuous improvement of our products that interact consumers with a content of more experience. Our goal is to provide a quality experience 4K UHD Top Content across various genres. We offer ultra- HD movies, sports and other programs. the benchmark for quality and innovation that customers have come to expect from Videocon D2H to increase "

Videocon D2H was proud to present its subscribers a robust range of services with 525 channels and 41 HD channels, including many regional channels. A wide range of active services as intelligent English and Smart Kids Smart Games. Other assets include Hollywood HD D2H services, music D2H D2H spices, Film D2H, both Standard Definition and High Definition and D2H Darshan.
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