Dish HD Asia Launches First All-HEVC DTH service with Vibe VS7000 HEVC Encoder

Dish HD Asia Launches First All-HEVC DTH services. DISH HD Asia, one of the top pay-TV DTH services or we can say top satellites pay-TV in Asia, has chosen the award-winning Vibe® VS7000 HEVC Encoder from Thomson Video Networks to boost 4K Ultra HD and HEVC-HD Satellite TV services to deliver more 120 channels, to viewers in Northeast Asia.

Driven by the operating system FlexOS by Thomson Video Networks, ViBE VS7000 system - combined with NetProcessor 9030 Multiplexer / Media Flex Encoder FUZE-1 Suite and 4K broadcasting system, this critical update system will provide significant improvements in the quality and video bandwidth costs and savings HEVC compression band for DISH HD platform.

Dish HD Asia Launches First All-HEVC DTH service with Vibe VS7000 HEVC Encoder
Vibe VS7000 HEVC Encoder

"DISH HD was the pioneering HD satellite pay-TV services in Asia," said Bert Klein, CEO, DISH HD. Now, as shown with this great upgrade of the system, once again, we have our guide. In providing the best satellite TV experience for our subscribers. Now you can enjoy 4K Ultra HD, high-definition Television channels and HEVC HD, and we have increased our channel capacity and added a new 4K Ultra HD HEVC decoder for Dish HD DTH service.

Thomson Video Networks is our partner of choice. Thomson provides not only superior technology but also they fulfill our necessary schedules and timetable for the project and provides a strong support to ensure our delivery was on time."

"With this major upgrade of the system, we have gone from MPEG-4 and now totally shifted to HEVC DTH satellite TV network, taking advantage of the efficiency of bandwidth and cost savings by ViBE VS7000 by Thomson Video Networks," said Tham Wai Hoong, director, and broadcast Network DISH HD. "More importantly, as a satellite television service, we saw that we could meet our requirements for 1080i and statistical multiplexing with VS7000, which allows us to offer new television channels to our subscribers.

An ideal partner for HK Systems Thomson Video Networks, System integration, and installation provided on DISH HD, the most powerful new features in HEVC used the latest version of ViBE VS7000 built. These include an interleaved mode and statistical multiplexing to variable bitrate to encode and enable a greater compression performance for delivery 1080i video content.
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