Sky Q 4K Ready Set Top Box On Sale Now, Know Features and Price

Join the queue for Sky Q - Sky TV new Decoder Sky Q Decoder for sale with 4K-ready. When installed at the end of the month, you are ready to watch UHD TV content with the new Sky TV decoder. The people wanting to buy Sky Q can register right now on Sky TV website as the online sales started by Sky before its launch.

Sky Q base box price will be £42 per month, and you can record three television channels at the same time in 1080p on a hard drive 1 TB while you have the freedom to watch any fourth TV channel.
Sky Q 4K Ready Set Top Box On Sale Now, Know Features and Price

Silver Sky Q Box is 4K-ready and has a hard drive of 2TB capacity. You will also get the freedom to record up to four channels and view live fifth Television channel, but this will costs you £54 per month. You can also choose Sky Q Mini boxes for multi rooms connections but it will cost you £99.

You will get a discount on the installation if you have a Sky Broadband, Sky Movies or Sky Sports when you order Sky Q, and existing customers will receive the best rate. There is still no word on whether 4K will cost extra, however, 4K will not be available now, but will come later this year.

The new hardware is only half the story, however. Sky Q added a new interface, which is about a thousand times better than the old Sky Guide, cumbersome.

The new interface allows more pictures in the middle and less clutter on the screen.

You can order Sky Q now via phone or online, but you have to wait until 12th this month to enquire about its availability in stores.

The actual installations of Sky Q decoders will not begin until the end of the month.