DTH Comparisons 4K STB, HD STB and all HD Packages Of all DTH

DTH TV and Cable TV decoder are getting smarter with the 4K screen, recording features to USB drives and transfer videos from smart phones Wi-Fi. 

The ICC T20 World Cup is just around the corner, but is your home entertainment program is ready for this? Of course, you can have a shiny new 4K TV, many hidden chip packages stored in the food and beer in the fridge; but do you have right DTH connection service to enjoy the games?

DTH Comparisons 4K STB, HD STB and all HD Packages Of all DTH

Just having a 4K or Full HD screen is not useful if you want to enjoy ICC world T20 cricket matches in full HD. You need a better HD DTH connection. But the problem is how to find a good HD dth service? That's where we come into play. We have summarized the best DTH brands to compare DTH service in India to help provide the best service, choose the really ready 4K DTH for the next Cricket Festival.

4K Ultra HD Set Top BOX

If you have a 4K Ultra HD TV, then you probably should go with a 4K ultra HD set-top box. In India, only two service providers currently offer 4K services, Videocon D2H, and Tata Sky. Although we do not have many channels now in 4K except Star Sports 4K, who occasionally sends 4K resolution also offer a number of their own channels that transmit 4K content by the service provider. In addition, the boxes can still transmit its usual standard and high-definition content.

Tata Sky 4K comes with HDMI 2.0 and Dolby Digital Plus that offers better audio experience. The decoder has a clean user interface and is not lazy. Its price is Rs 6,400 to Rs 5,900 for new customers and existing customers and comes with its active service. Tata Sky 4K contains 4K content. 4K upgrade allows you to enjoy existing channels and different HD and SD channels.

The Videocon D2H 4K also comes with HDMI 2.0, Dolby Digital Plus and supports 60p playback. The decoder can also record programs on a USB flash drive to another 30 rupees per month fee. The user interface is a little behind the Tata Sky box, which can be a bit confusing, but if you select your channel and installed, it's smooth sailing. The set-top box of Videocon D2H 4K is priced at Rs 6590 for new customers and Rs 5990 for existing customers.

Diffusion how phenomenally sharp and pictures are impressive. When looking at a UHD TV, playback 4K really makes a big difference in the level of detail and sharpness high-resolution pictures. Tata Sky 4K set-top box lacks recording while Videocon offers recording feature too, so Videocon D2H certainly has an advantage here.


Many of us do not have a 4K TV yet, but almost everyone now has an HDTV. Switching to a high-definition from standard definition set-top box makes a big difference.

The level of detail compared to standard-definition box is phenomenal, and most major chains now offer a high-definition version.

All DTH providers in India offer HD connections, the three main competitors are Tata Sky, Videocon D2H, and Dish TV.

Tata Sky comes with an HD set-top box for RS 1985 but does not come with the recording function. A third possibility is the pressure transmission tuner so you can transfer your recorded contents  to Tata Sky iOS or Android application via Wi-Fi to watch on your HDTV.

HD Set top box of Videocon D2H costs Rs 1900 with new compounds and also comes with the recording function via USB. In addition, an infrared remote control with radio frequency is provided instead of the distance from other brands has received a much stronger bond. Just use the recording function at Rs 30 per month.

Dish TV also comes with a similar box with USB recording feature for Rs 1700, but the remote control with radio frequency is not available.

The three broadcast service provider offers 1080i and Dolby Digital audio support, but Videocon D2H support SPDIF, which is very convenient for audio experience. In case of the image quality, Tata Sky is the best, because the decoder made sharp images. Videocon and DishTV have also good quality that is not disappointing, still looking much better than any standard connection.

In this new face to face, Videocon D2H wins, here comes the STB deal with amazing features such as SPDIF input, remote control with radio frequency and recording function, which is cheaper compared to Tata Sky recording box.

HD channel packages in DTH

Tata Sky is on top in hd package, including all channels with HD channels (channels 197 SD and services, 41 channels of high-definition, 4K + service + Star Sports Add on in High Definition), which would cost you 660.

Platinum HD package of Videocon D2H include 471 channels, including 37 HD channels comes for Rs 608 per month.

Dish TV comes with its premium package New Titanium with 348 channels and 50 HD channels, including HD add for Rs 695, still the most expensive among the three, and also offers the most HD channels.

Sum UP

Among all brands and DTH packages that they offer, are summarized below. If you want the best quality of set-top boxes, broadcast quality, and packages, you should opt for a Tata Sky connection. If you want something that offers more value for your money and a transmission quality still recommend Videocon D2H.
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