Netflix Tips, Tricks and Hacks You Should Know to Improve Netflix

7 Netflix tips, tricks and hacks you should know. Netflix, what would we do without you? You have freed us from the horrors of obedience to TV commercials and the too frequent advertising breaks. You have given us new experiences with programming, we experience emotions with the old, and even entirely new shows are only created because of you.

Netflix Tips, Tricks and Hacks You Should Know to Improve Netflix

We think you are wonderful and would really like to take things to the next level. We have a little reading about "technical" and there are some things that we would try to make our time together even better. Here are the tips and tricks of Netflix that everyone should use.

1. Watch Netflix shows with your online Friends.

We just love to watch love film, romantic comedy films or any special show with our friends, but sometimes it is just not practical - perhaps you moved too far, or is a little too wet. And this is where Chrome extension Netflix party plays a big role. It is basically a chat room that runs along the Netflix stream so you can watch a movie at the same time as you talk to each other. It's a great opportunity to do something together without actually being together.

2. Enhance your experience with additional elements.

Still not sure what you want to see if there is so much choice? NEnhancer can help and ensures that you select only the best Movies by adding in IMDB and get rid of other content you don't want to watch. Face it, the Netflix rating system is not always the best indicator of quality (and descriptions can be worse). Thus, NEnhancer for Netflix can fix this problem.

3. Use Netflix Hidden categories for better search.

You know that Netflix has annoying broad categories and certain irrelevant content is placed in the same category. For example, amazing science fiction films can be found in the same section of the shooty spacegun movies and it is horrible that in Netflix category Norbit is classified as romantic? Well, it turns out that it is set a secret of the categories, which is not easy to see. They are hidden in the numbered specific URL and there is a huge list of them here. So if you like horror, but only if it has zombies, you can find the URL of that movie from Netflix secret codes.

4. Get rid of breaks between Netflix episodes.

Set the scene: you are all conveniently under a blanket, there is a plate of appetizers and achieve a free night to enjoy your favorite show. It really is in the first episode and then It's a very awkward pause of 30 seconds before going to the next start. It's just enough to do to get up angry at the thought of the possibility of wasting some of your good time. Fortunately, there is an app for that - Netflix Pause Remover - to save precious seconds of your time.

5. Do not go out, use the phone as a Netflix remote.

You can also convert your smartphone into Netflix remote which is perfect if you do not want to get up for remote and want to change your choice of show or movie. You can get it on iTunes for £1.49, but that's a small price to pay if you do not want to go out of bed for your remote.

6. Can not choose a show? Let the Roulette pick that for you.

"What do you want to see? "I do not know, what do you want to see?" Multiply this exchange with 100 and you get a typical Tuesday night argument that ends at choice in the quiet disappointment and paralysis due to a huge amount of choice. If you even face such situation then you should try Netflix Roulette. There are some parameters that can be adjusted, such as sex, and rough category rating and you do not need to worry about with something like Big Trouble in Little China.

7. Improve Netflix buffering.

If you ever dreaded hanging 25% marker of infinite Netflix buffering, or bad pixel and you need to take a break till things are going well, consider yourself lucky. There are a few ways to fix it, like stream Netflix at off-peak times of the day things or manually adjust the hidden Netflix stream settings that allow you to reduce buffering - although you probably sacrificing a little image quality for a more rapid Netflix streaming.
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