New Smart Set-top-Box Amkette EVOTV2 Launched in India at Rs 6499

New smart set-top-box Amkette EVOTV2 launched in India at the best price of Rs 6499. Smart set-top-boxes are in abundance available nowadays. The likes of the Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and a large number of Android set-top-box TV are becoming very popular in home entertainment segment.

Convert your LED TV or LCD TV into a best costly Smart TV with Amkette EVOTV2 Smart set-top-box

However, each of them not available in India. But don't worry if you want to convert your LED TV or LCD TV into a best costly Smart TV then here is a good update for you, Amkette Indian manufacturer launched a Home Entertainment Box EVOTV2 set-top-box  that comes with many features that promise to transform the standard TV into a Smart TV.

The device is integrated with the EVO TV App Store, which allegedly has more than 200 applications which include top apps for music, movies, and other content. So it seems that the company has all its bases covered in terms of entertainment options. The EVOTV2 STB also supports standard YouTube sharing feature, you can stream content from your Android or iPhone on the TV with the touch of a single button.

The company also promotes the availability of popular programs such as Game of Thrones (Uncensored), The Walking Dead, Silicon Valley, and many others with their new smart STB to make a very interesting perspective for the customers. The EVOTV2  comes at a price of Rs 6999, however, this smart STB is available for Rs 6499 through an intermediary Snapdeal electronic trading. EVOTV2 set-top-box is the successor to the original EvoTV, which was launched in 2012.

Announcing the launch of EVOTV2 Rajiv Bapna, Director, Amkette said, "The digital entertainment with several over-the-top services (OTT) in India will provide the availability of a wide variety of content which will include local as well as global content. Many of these services use different technology platforms, which makes it difficult for consumers to access content with a single device. EvoTV2 is developed to allow access from any location to easily use a variety of content in the cloud, or any other user's device as a phone, laptop or PC. The Amkette EvoTV2 offers a complete home entertainment system at a very affordable price and with a very simple user interface."
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