DISH Network hopper 3 Whole Home DVR Review Pros and Cons

DISH Network hopper 3 Whole Home DVR Review. DISH Network first introduced the Hopper Whole-House DVR in 2012, they were working on certain ways to improve it. If they would have asked what they could do to make it better, I would probably have said that nothing changes. I thought that was perfect too.

Okay, it was wonderful, but the new version hopper 3 the whole house DVR is much better. It has a new interface, a new remote control, new body, and almost everything is new and it is absolutely a wonderful DVR.

DISH Network hopper 3 Whole Home DVR Review Pros and Cons

Of course, the big hook in the hopper 3 DVR is now it contains 16 tuners, allowing you to record an incredible amount of TV channels at a time. That is, if you want to get technical (and I know you do), the hopper 3 can actually record more than 16 channels at once since you can use one of these tuners to detect the four major networks to the primetime anytime feature. Perhaps it will never be a time when you need to access many programs simultaneously.

However, the hopper 3 has a number of other benefits, including a new interface which is incredibly fast. This is due to the Broadcom BCM7445 ARM quad-core processor running at 1.5GHz, DMIPS 21k. The company is stuck with 2TB of the hard drive that can record up to 500 hours of HD programming or 2000 hours of the content in standard definition. You can also use 60 frames per second with 10-bit color and 4K. Other features include support for HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, H.264, H.265 and USB 3.0.

DISH Network held the Prime Time anytime and AutoHop features and the ability for the Anywhere functionality through which you can transfer recorded content on the fly. However, there are many other goodies, including a new interface, a new remote control, universal search, and of course all of these tuners.

DISH Network hopper 3

DISH Network's Hopper 3 DVR is exclusive for Dish network subscribers, but all plans are eligible for the upgrade. The hopper 3 is the main DVR, but you can love for other TVs in the house to share (up to six) by installing remote receiver  known as Joey. If you installed Joeys first generation around the house, you need to update it. The hopper 3 is also compatible with the wireless Joey and new 4K Joey.

As per DISH, new and existing qualified customers can get all equipment for free, but that could change, so be sure before asking a Rendezvous technology. After installation of the hopper 3, you will be charged $15 per month for the DVR, and $7 for Joey (even if it is a Joey 4K).

Hopper 3 Box measures 16 by 12.5 by 2.1 inches, which is actually a bit bigger than the previous model which is tiny. The front of the box also has a USB port and a cover which folds to reveal the power, menu, info, system information, options down and back buttons. There is also the arrow keys and a select button, in case you lose your remote control. Of course, you can use the remote control button.

It is also interesting to note that the Hopper 3 now has small red stripes on the front. Despite the slightly larger size makes this emphasis on the box a little more look than its predecessors.

Front of the DVR, the left side has a slot for a smart card (if necessary). On the back, an HDMI port, component and composite video, digital audio output, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports, two Ethernet ports, a phone jack, a coaxial connection to the satellite and has an another coaxial cable remote antenna.

Whats ew exactly in Hopper 3?

There are many changes, including adding 4K support. This allows subscribers to watch 4K content transmission and the 4K sports experience on a 4K TV. This new power divides the screen into quadrants, the indicated via the possibility of a different program in 1080. (Do not worry if you do not have a 4K TV, you can still get your fix Sports Bar get with HDTV).

However, if you have no 4K Ultra HD TV, there is a lot to enjoy many new features into the hopper 3, especially the interface and remote control. Of course, the possibility of 16 tuners is certainly attractive. However, the processor that makes an update of absolute necessity. The hopper 3 is super fast, in tunning channels and also in the content search by actor, title, sport, team or channel.

There is a new search button on the remote control that looks like a magnifying glass. just in general or based on your search Pushing that a screen selection program "Trends" feature. For example, pressed every time I the search button, Better Call Saul, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead were still on the list of "the most popular searches." However, a number of TV options resulted in the "Drew" drilling (including Dr. Drew), Movies (Nancy Drew) and actor (Drew Barrymore). They also know that the search results will now be selections from Netflix if you have activated in the configuration.

One thing that I do not like about the new research is that you can not go to the title with the numbered buttons on the remote control. Although it was sometimes annoying to press the 7 key four times so that the letter S can be displayed. Currently looking for the only way to navigate through the letters and numbers using the arrow keys on the remote control screen. The fact that the number buttons on the remote control even letters on it make me think that DISH has the ability to come back at some point to add an update for that.

Of course, the user interface is probably the most obvious change. In addition to high speeds, everything looks different, all the way to the source screen. It is easy to read, but it has a more modern look than the old interface. There are also many new ways to access content, start with the home screen.

Home screen in Hopper 3

The welcome screen puts everything into the hopper 3 in one place. It's just the remote control to access than the first button is the only button with a small house on it. Pushing that make the Start menu, appearing live program Trends options and access to records, the menu options of the demand, and includes more channels. On top of the screen, there are separate tabs for instant access to the menu, entertainment, sports and movies.

Now when the hopper 3 is started, the startup screen appears. If you do nothing, it quickly moves to live television.

This does not mean that you will not have access to the home screen all the time. In fact, this region is a one-stop shop for almost everything. On the DVR, recordings, recommendations, and applications, all the way to the configuration and account information It is also very easy on the eyes, with great graphics and type of readable font.

There are many options on the home screen, the overwhelming, a little at first glance. In fact, it is not. All this is easy to navigate, thanks to graphics.

So many tuners!

Of course, I can not say that the thing has 16 Tuner and let it be that. I need to talk about how it's amazing. As I said, I can not always watch several programs at once and want to record, but someone with a bigger house may require multiple tuners.

Say you are a family of six. One night, two children watching television in her room, we can send our favorite live show through the hopper on an iPad, and the fourth looking at a laptop in the kitchen. You use four tuners. Add in a fifth of spouses in the bedroom, one-sixth for you in the basement, and a seventh for primetime anytime. Now imagine if all six want to record something while watching TV. Yes, there is a remote possibility, but it could happen. I know that with the previous hopper, could not record the program during live television when my son was in my room with anytime primetime television. This eliminates potential problems. (Hope I at least like that.) It also works like a charm. I took 16 random channels to record and recorded all on my DVR without any problems.

The new remote

The last two boxes of Hopper remain with more or less the same kind of remote control. It was good, but probably had a lot of buttons, which was never used. DISH has delivered the remote control with the hopper 3 with good design and fewer buttons. The size is smaller and has fewer keys, with many features that are combined in what is here.

On top of the remote control, there are two power buttons, one for the Hopper 3 and one for the TV. Among them, there are separate buttons for the home screen, as well as for applications, DVR, Contacts, Search, and Options. Two additional buttons in this area are the "Combo" keys. If you turn on the TV and get the home screen, the back button will take you to live TV. Once you are on live TV, press the Return key to open options to record the program, series, or just find other episodes, what is at stake. If you rewind live television and you want to catch up, press the back button and hold to live TV. The information button, a summary screen, which is reproduced on the TV, as well as options to save the program or series appear. The same screen also has multiple tabs, allowing you to have the same distribution all the consequences of this program and other programs. There are even cards that link to Rotten Tomatoes critic and Common Sense Media when it becomes available. The celebration of this info button will help you give up the use of the remote control if you do not have this review!

The new features of the Remote  are volume and channel keys, numeric keys and the Restore button. This can be adjusted in the settings, so you can immediately switch to the last viewed channel.

Basically, there is a backspace button on the left side of 0. This allows you to delete things during the search. (Sometimes even my little finger cause typographical errors.) The right button is enter button. As per DISH, viewers can use this key for other functions in the future, but has not yet been announced.

Finally, note that the antenna of the satellite, TV, AUX and the input keys are moved on the side of the remote. Easy to synchronize with Hopper 3 DVR and with almost every TV and receiver.

The remote is actually much easier to use than it seems. My only complaint is that the buttons on the remote are not as smooth as they were before so that each pulse causes a small "click". This creates no problem during the day, but can be a bit annoying when someone is trying to sleep in the same room.

Netflix Fix

The ability to access Netflix, on the DVR is not exclusive to the Dish Network or DISH Hopper 3. However, I must mention that this latest update a DVR experience on the speed of the actual interface.

Compared with the last of the Hopper or my current Blu-ray, it is clear that the processor in the hopper 3 will make a big difference. Whenever I. Access to Netflix via the remote control, which appears very rapidly Moreover, the on-screen interface is easier to navigate .

But all is not well with Netflix. Well, at least not for me. The DISH Network Hopper 3, since I got started with Netflix 4K in the box - and with my binge watching play opportunities. I have my Hopper with a receiver Denon AVR-X1200W then on my Panasonic plasma (all via HDMI). Since the introduction of Netflix 4K into the hopper 3, each time trying to access the service on the TV connected to the box, I get a message on the screen that says, "This content can not be displayed because your TV is not HDCP 2.2 ".

It is always good!

Fortunately, DISH has collected many of the advantages that have made the latest version of the large Hopper. Of course, two of the features that this DVR has, also many others are here: PrimeTime Anytime and AutoHop. However, the company has also improved the function at any time Primetime. And AutoHop? Well, it goes like this. Do you want to skip commercials? YES, PLEASE!

Use In the age of the hopper at any time so that PrimeTime a tuner for receiving of all programming in prime time on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox, seven days a week. This created a library in the application of radio programs. The hopper 3 at any time Primetime adjust, so you can cut certain networks, days of the week, and the ability to save you from 2 to 8 days recorded programs. Once you have this library, you can group selection by title or a network and organize them by date of recording.

The AutoHop function remains the same, allowing users in most of its content at any time to skip commercials primetime. Remember that this you need a feature to allow the selection of specific programs. Moreover, it is in some programs not available, so that the red kangaroo front of the title or an image.

Finally, note that the reservoir 3 still supports OTA (over the air) and local programming. To achieve these additional channels, you need an antenna and digital tuner dongle OTA DISH, which can be done for about $30 at this point, you might think, the need for DISH dongle and Pack option eliminate the box. That is, it is easy to add to the equation, without a technician. Simply connect the receiver to a USB port and the channels through the settings screen from the menu.

Work in progress

Despite all the wonderful things in the hopper 3, know that it is still a work in progress. As already mentioned, the company is working on issues like OTA, and there is still this inexplicable matter Netflix that once DISH application began updating to support 4K. But during my time with the hopper 3, there were other obvious adaptations. For example, I mentioned how the boot process has changed with the host screen.

The company is also planning to partner with 4K and a YouTube app to add in future. Although currently there is no timetable for the extras.

One thing I'd like to see is the ability to search results appear daily. At present, the results of the season. So if you are looking for something with a lot of entries, like the Simpsons or The Walking Dead will be presented the results of a season - and perhaps a bit of time to go in some cases.

Pros of Hopper 3

16 Tuner means that you do not miss anything.

The interface is better, stronger, faster.

PrimeTime Anytime is always a beautiful thing.

AutoHop remains the greatest thing that ever happened to DVR.

4K Ultra HD Support.

Slim remote without the crap

Cons of Hopper 3

The box is slightly larger than its predecessor.

A dongle is always necessary to use OTA.

Results could use additional personalization options.

The remote control is loud.

Just a few more features.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Hopper 3

Manufacturer Contact:

Dish Network LLC
9601 S. Meridian Blvd.
Englewood, CO 80112

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