ABS to Launch FreeViewSat in Indonesia With 60 Free to Air TV Channels Soon

The free satellite TV comes in Indonesia through ABS via SMV partnership. ABS satellite the top asian Satellite TV operator and distributer joins Sarana Media Vision (VMS) with the Direct-to-Home license (DTH) of VMS to launch a free to air satellite TV service SMV FreeViewsat in Indonesia in January 2017. The service will initially broadcast 60 TV channels via satellites ABS 2, ABS 2A and ABS 6 in both bands KU band and C band.

ABS to Launch FreeViewSat in Indonesia With 60 Free to Air TV Channels Soon

The FreeViewSat model is designed to promote the maximum distribution and the cost of only STB and a dish antenna. Customers will only take a single purchase of the required satellite equipments and there will be no subscription fees to watch all the TV channels on the platform, according to ABS. All the 60 TV channels will remain free to air.

At the time of launch in January FreeViewSat will broadcast at least 30 local free to air FTA TV channels and more than 30 international channels. The number of channels will continue to grow over 100 in the first six to 12 months as new content is added.

FreeViewSat is available over Ku-band antennas of 75 cm size from and of ABS 2 and  ABS 2A at 75E and 1.6-m dish antennas for ABS 6 located at 156E at the same time, allowing consumers to have the option of choosing small KU band antenna or a bigger one for better protection from the rainfade. ABS has selected the conditional access system ABV and middleware as well as ali chips for its decoders STB.