Dish TV Extends Days of Pack Of Customers Following Ban on 500 and 1000 Notes

Dish TV extends days of TV channels pack to customers after the devaluation of the Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes by movement of government. Dish TV following the decision of discontinueing Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes of the Indian government introduces the expanded credit line for customers.

Dish TV, which operates more than 2,000 dealers and franchisees and 250,000 dealers, gave its subscribers the option to extent the recharge date of their Dish TV connections. The company said that 100% of direct transactions with trading partners via electronic payment methods. Over 27% of customer pay through online services, including mobile applications and all popular e-wallets.

Dish TV also allows the temporary expansion of credit distribution to its distributors and business partners for the next day on the basis of the creditworthiness analysis of the customer. These steps are designed to facilitate the convenience of the customers and provide entertainment and constant connection with easily recharge in the comfort of their homes.

With these steps, Dish TV has minimized the impact on the business within 5% on November 9 and the predicted normal business trend in the future.

Dish TV Jawahar Goel CMD said, "We have to take  the bold and positive steps to estimate the risk of blackmarket and blackmoney. We are consistent with the cause of long-term positive effect on the économie. To help the common public we gave special Advantages for our clients have been introduced to ensure continuity in the entertainment and convenience of transactions in the current scenario.

Dish TV provides educational and awareness campaigns on its platform to these initiatives.
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