GWTV Platform Selected Apstar Satellites to Provide 25 Chinese TV Channels in Asia

GWTV connects APT to provide Chinese channels in Asia. APT Satellite was chosen to promote the Great Wall China platform of satellite television abroad by CCTV-led China International Communication Company (CICC).

The GWTV platform for viewers in Asia-Pacific, including 25 Chinese TV channels in Chinese, English or French, and is powered by the satellite APT APSTAR-6 at 134° East and Satellite APSTAR L through 128 East.

GWTV Platform Selected Apstar Satellites to Provide 25 Chinese TV Channels in Asia

The contract comes after a two-month test run on the Satellite by Hong Kong APT Satellite and CICC, owned by the China International Television Corporation (CITVC), a division of China Central TV (CCTV).

"The Great Wall is the only TV platform with exclusive export rights to TV content from China into the world." Although APT Satellite has proven itself to be our reliable partner since the launch of the first platform Great Wall TV on APSTAR-5 TV satellite, we are very happy to find a new synergy between two entreprises. ApT satellite has more than 20 years of experience and a broad network in this domaine. We can make the most optimal use of these resources, leverage new markets quickly, "said LYU Chunguang, Director General of the CICC.

The Great Wall Asia content is available throughout the Asia-Pacific region through the APSTAR satellites. The whole package or special channels can be added to cable TV operators, either at home (DTH) or over the top (OTT) with prior approval.

Huang Baozhong, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales for APT Satellite, added, "APT Satellite fulfills two functions in this cooperation: satellite capacity provision and providing of best Chinese TV content in China and in the ASEAN countries to promote CICC for its new efforts In the ASEAN countries, and we are particularly proud to have the opportunity to join the coalition".
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