Intex Launched New Smart LED TVs With 4K UHD in Best Price

Intex launched four new Smart LED TVs in the best price range in India. The local Indian company Intex Technologies on Monday launched four new series of Smart LED TVs starting at a price 27,999 rupees.

The Intex LED TV series is available in four sizes - 32-inch high-definition TV with a price of Rs 27,999, 43-inch full-HD TV at Rs 47,999, 50-inch full-HD TV for Rs 54.999 and 55 Inch Ultra-HD 4K TV at Rs 89.990.
Intex Smart LED TVs With 4K UHD in Best Price

"With the coming festivals in India, we expect a great response to the new field of television," said Nidhi Markanday, director and head of the company of sustainable consumer and computer accessories.

The main features of Intex Smart LED TV models include wireless mirroring N-screen, digital noise reduction and an integrated hi-fi system that allows a new feature "sound alone effect" in which you can hear the sound even when the screen Is switched off.

The TVs are packed with built-in apps such as YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, Twitter and up to 200 apps in the memory and customer-specific applications running on the Android operating system. So,if you are planning to buy a new smart UHD TV or a smart LED TV then i think you must go for Intex Smart LED TV models.

Intex TV Price in India for other Intex TV models

Latest Intex TV Models                                            Price

  • Intex LED-3213 32 Inch HD LED TV            Rs.13589
  • Intex LED4010FHD 40 Inch Full HD LED TV     Rs.23898
  • Intex LED-4200FHD 42 inch Full HD LED TV     Rs.28199
  • Intex LED-3216 32 inch HD Ready LED TV      Rs.13500
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