Leeco Super3 X65 4K UHD Smart TV Review: King of Smart UHD TVs

Leeco Super3 X65 4K UHD Smart TV Review: The best 4K UHD TV. Leeco a Chinese technology company has focused on one thing since it is in the Indian market. They want to be bothersome of the market and offer first line products at an affordable price. They did it with smartphones Le 2 and LE Max 2 in India and recently have their offer to 4K UHD television in India. Leeco Super3 X65 4K UHD Smart TV is cheap at Rs 99,790 in India.

Leeco Super3 X65 4K UHD Smart TV Review: The 4K affordable TV.

What's New and best in Leeco Super3 X65 4K UHD Smart TV?

The Leeco Super3 X65 4K UHD Smart TV is a monster 65-inch that simply breaks the conventional design seen on most Samsung and Sony TVs. The Panel of Super3 X65 is flat like any other TV, but the beauty is in the state that comes with. The curves are so balanced that you qualify as the artistic center in your living room. In our opinion, if you plan to buy it, you have never mounted on the wall. It looks brilliant when put on a table. The plate is also very thin at only 10.9 mm and is constructed of aircraft aluminum, which has a brushed metal trim, which is super strong.

While Leeco will install it free for you in your home. But you can install that too. All you needed to install on a table, is just a few screws attached to the table stand to take the weight of the plate.

The 4-inch UHD 65-inch panel is overwhelming and provides very good picture quality. The 178 degrees viewing angle is also quite good if your entire extended family wants to watch a movie together on it. The panel also comes with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 and offers a clear video quality.

Leeco Super3 X65 4K UHD Smart TV Review: The budget 4K uhd TV.

The Super3 X65 is an intelligent TV with chip Mstar 6A928 Cortex A3 with 1.4 GHz quad-core processor, GPU Mali-T760MP4 a MACE Pro4 CPU + image engine and a 4K hardware decoder for HEVC / H 0.265 video at 60 fps. This is supported by the 3 GB RAM and a 16 GB onboard memory. The paper specifications promise quality user experience.

For connectivity, you get three USB ports, three HDMI 2.0 ports, an SD card slot, a component input, a VGA input, PC audio line, an RF input, an Ethernet port, WLAN, A receiver and an audio output and coaxial SPDIF) audio output. In short, you can connect all your media devices to the 65-inch screen.

The ecosystem of Smart TV works with the EUI from Leeco, which is very intuitive to use. The remote control is also absolutely trouble free and you do not need to read a book, knowing how to use it. The live TV function makes the execution of a decoder because it offers the most channels that you want to see in India. The catch of this is that even at broadband high speed, it takes time in buffering. Surprisingly, it does not take much more time if you want to stream an Eros movie or play a YouTube video. You can use X65 Super3 without DTH connection, but one will have your life easier to make.

The sound quality of Super3 X65 is fantastic and you do not really feel the need for a home theater system with it.

What is not so cool?

Two things seem particularly the not good with Leeco Super3 X65. One of them is that while EUI is based on the Android platform TV, we are not yet playing Google business on it. You can use applications like YouTube on it, but then if you want Netflix this is probably not the TV for you. The reason for this is probably because of the content Leeco ecosystem like Netflix in China, but in India, we want to see Narcos on such a beautiful screen.

The second, which is disappointing is that the X65 Super3 does not connect to the WiFi connection to perfection. Each time you turn it on, you have to re-connect the wifi connection. But it provides a smooth connection over Ethernet.
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