New Free to Air Cartoon TV channel Maha Cartoon Added on DD FreeDish

New channels added on DD Freedish dth. A new kids free to air TV channel, Maha Cartoon added on DD Freedish. After the successful launch of Maha Film, the DV group gave the gift to rural and semi-rural areas specially to kids. Maha cartoon TV channel added on Free dish on November 1st.

DV company group has announced the launch of its new media business, the first Hindi cartoon channel for Indian children, Maha cartoon TV on Free DTH platform of Prasar Bharati. The company has already launched Maha Movie Channel on its free to air television service.

New Free to Air Cartoon TV channel Maha Cartoon Added on DD FreeDish

Consumer Product Teleone, DV company group, will operate the channel. Téléone already operates a teleshopping channel, teleshopping and Maha Film. This will be the third business channel.

The choice of free Hindi cartoon channel was virtually not available in rural areas. Children make up about 65% of the public in rural and semi-rural areas. The families have no choice but to pay and watch or just ignore the requirement of children for economic reasons.

Vishvajeet Sharma, CEO and founder of the group leader, said. "Today, we have more than 20 televisions channels for children at a national level, but none of them is available to children in rural and semi-rural places of India and have no access to entertainment for children due to the cost factor.

Darshan Singh, president and founder of the group said, "I refer to the public when I come from a rural area. After dedicating time and energy to the media sector, we felt it was time to give something to the people, we belong.

Sanjay Verma, CEO of the group, "Diwali came early this year for our Indian children when we start the first free Indian cartoon channel for kids in India, Maha Cartoon TV. The free to air cartoon TV channel is aim for kids of 4 -14 age group and will include Animated comic characters include a unique feature designed and manufactured by national.

Mooshak Gungun, the Indian adaptation of the classic cat and mouse hunting show to be cool, adventure and Indian origin and taste; Bal Chanakya is about an Indian boy with a keen mind and a strong ability to overcome various obstacles with ease and calm. Panchtantra, a collection of stories that give a message to our immense cultural heritage; Ciko, a character that tells you facts about different aspects of life that we do not know.

The channel also broadcast a variety of foreign content, which is displayed for the first time on the Indian market as Charlie Chaplin program. The content will be synchronized in Hindi. In addition to the cartoon series, interactive and educational programs also aired on this channel. Techno children will be released as the first commercial techno show that wants to use the imagination of children and make gadgets of everyday use. The channel will also broadcast films for children.
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