Dish Network Launched AirTV Player Android TV box For $100 only

AirTV Player Android TV box price only $100. Dish Network 4K Streaming Box launched at the best budget price. If you are a lover of streaming TV and especially want an Android-TV box, we have a new opportunity for you. Courtesy of DISH Network proposed a new device in the market.

The Dish Network Android TV box named as AirTV Player which offers best online streaming, as well as supports Sling TV, the service of the dish platform. There are many features and options for those who opt for an AirTV Player, such as the live watching movies or TV content from the streaming service or they can watch stored media content.

Dish Network Launched AirTV Player Android TV box For $100 only

There are several packages that can be purchased. The box itself is only standard purchase. If you want to improve your experience through a TV tuner, you can get live TV stations directly to your unit through an internet connection. This is very handy and reduces the hassle of searching your favorite online movies and content and you will have access to everything that you want.

Beside supporting SlingTV, the box also supports the popular Netflix streaming service, which gains more and more attention as the integrated securities and original productions.

To control the Android TV box AirTV Player, you can use the supplied remote control with Bluetooth connectivity. The device comes with great features that justify its price, but some people already use SlingTV platform. For this group of customers who go on for AirTV box, the deal is even sweeter since you bought the box and SlingTV deducted from the total price. Buying a streaming box for $50 and avail the benefit from services like Netflix definitely a lot of people consider while discussing whether to buy the product or not.
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