Review Amazing Budget Amazon Fire TV stick with Alexa smart voice launched

Budget Amazon Fire TV stick with Alexa smart voice launched. The latest Budget Amazon Fire TV stick with Alexa voice is Amazon new attempt to take control of our TV. This is a cost-effective and affordable streaming device with the voice recognition system of the company, Alexa. The new Amazon Fire TV stick sold for a little more than the model of last year but provides features that are not equal.

Review Amazing  Budget Amazon Fire TV stick with Alexa smart voice launched

The fire TV stick has been a success for Amazon, the most popular streaming device sold on Amazon website. It is highly portable - you can take it to a friend's house so they can watch the programs they just bought or subscribed by plugging them into their HDMI and using a socket. That's all you need.

It costs £34.99 in the UK - or £44.99 if you can spend a bit extra on the model that can listen to your voice from remote to search a movie or a program - better to buy a new, updated edition?

Amazon Fire TV stick with Alexa smart voice Same from outside, different inside

Now you can install the updated fire TV stick at an intermediate price of $39.99 (The US $39.99). With the new stick looks like the old model - as a neat hard drive with an HDMI connector.

It has the new updated on-screen interface, which has been available since December in the latest Amazon fire TV box. The user interface includes attractive widescreen programs and movies that scroll across the screen.

Unlike the fire TV box, the stick is not compatible with 4K, but it is its only downside. The competitor Apple TV Box also lacks 4K, of course, and is a much more expensive machine. The fire TV stick provides an intuitive way to use the device that shows programming is currently watching in the first position.

New Amazon Fire TV stick with Alexa smart voice has an updated chip that is 30% faster than the previous model. This nippy processor means everything moves faster and in what I've seen so far, has a silky softness. The program loads quickly and the system runs as fast as possible Amazon gives you quick navigation to the next episode of the show you are watching.

The additional performance provides additional functions

This additional computing power means that Alexa, personal assistant voice, which is available through devices such as the Amazon Echo so far, can be seen in the new fire TV stick. This gives you an advantage over the old fire TV box, the voice control for the search, but not the full Alexa assistant.

What does that mean? Now you search for more content, not just for Amazon offers. Press the microphone button and say "Breaking Bad Now" and you will first be taken to Netflix, and secondly to look at other ways, like paying an episode on Amazon video. Suddenly the Amazon device feels less determined to sell something, especially if it has already paid elsewhere.

You can ask the same questions as the Amazon Eco answers, such as "How is the weather?" Or "Can you set a timer for 6 minutes?" (Useful for cooking if your hands are too fat on the screen of your smartphone too And he understands when they ask, "How much wood could a marmot send when a marmot could chuck Norris" No, seriously, that's a question Alexa thinks they can answer them.

Alexa was the function success at the CES in January appearing to interact with almost all devices gives a new way to interact with the technology. Here it is most powerful to add a visual dimension so you can see today's time on the screen, for example.

I sometimes thought that the Amazon TV boxes were useless. After all, the latest smart TVs have often built applications such as Amazon Video and Netflix. But the presence of Alexa in these fields changes the game, adding a new intelligent voice interface that adds a great comfort. And after all, everyone is not a smart TV. With this version of the fire TV stick, you can control playback with high accuracy. "Rewind 10 minutes" or "Fast 30 seconds forward" are pure means with the program of interaction you observe. It is true that it did not kill the killer Apple TV in detail. This is where, if you have not heard a piece of the dialogue, you can use the microphone on the remote control to ask "What did he say?"

The Apple TV box rewinds and plays the last 15 seconds to complete the temporary addition of subtitles. I miss here, but it can only be a matter of time. Until then, this is a new smart streamer that is fast and responsive. And it surpasses rivals who cost four times more.

You can pre-order the Budget Amazon Fire TV stick with Alexa smart voice now and is available from March 2 in the US, April 6 in the UK.
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