Best Hidden Feature of Sky TV Box That You Should Know

Your Sky TV box has a brilliant hidden feature, here is how you can find it. Your Sky TV box has an awesome feature you probably never knew, and here's how it works. Sky Q has a variety of smart features: from built-in applications, Vimeo's on-demand video, and the multi-room wireless Fluid Viewing, there's plenty to do.
sky q box connections, fluid viewing, sky multiroom
sky q box connections, fluid viewing, sky multiroom 
Sky has also confirmed that it is working on a new update that will bring new functionality to Sky Q customers.

Voice search, a redesigned home page and the ability to record six programs while watching a live TV or on-demand content will be added in the new software update.

The latter will only work for those who run the 2TB Sky Q hardware, who was previously able to record five programs and see a sixth.

But chances are, your Sky Q box already has an awesome feature that you did not know.

Sky Q customers can use their next-generation satellite set-top box like Google ChromeCast.

For those who do not know, Google ChromeCasts connects to the HDMI port of your HDTV and lets you stream video content from your smartphone, tablet or web browser to the big screen.

During the launch event, Sky was interested in promoting AirPlay functionality built into Sky Q hardware (which lets you play wireless music from your iPhone, iPad, or desktop iTunes application around the house) but ChromeCast's ability Was hardly mentioned.

However, by opening the official YouTube app on the iOS device, we were pleasantly surprised to discover that we were able to take over the Sky Q top box and play videos on HD TV.

Exactly like Google ChromeCast, Sky TV subscribers can record videos in a playlist within the YouTube app and watch them play on television.

It's a great trick.

The ability to queue videos is invaluable, especially if you're DJ'ing with music videos to the room.

And finding your next YouTube video is a lot faster on your smartphone than using the Sky Q remote control keyboard.

Regrettably, Sky Q users do not get all the functionality they would get with Google ChromeCast stand-alone.

For example, the Netflix application, which can stream video to ChromeCast, is not able to broadcast to the Sky Q box.

So, do not throw your Google ChromeCast yet. But regardless, this witty trick could save you time the next time you want to show someone a video clip on your phone.

We are approaching Sky when we discover the functionality of ChromeCast.

A Sky spokesman told us: "Sky Q customers have the flexibility to play, browse or search YouTube videos through their phone or tablet, and then play through their Sky Q or Mini box so they can see the Video on your TV.

"This functionality is currently available with the YouTube app."
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