Forget DTH Here are Top Free Mobile TV and Movies Streaming apps to watch TV and Movies on Your Phones

Forget DTH, how to watch Free TV and movies on your smartphone, anywhere anytime. Here are some top free streaming apps for smartphone, so you can watch free TV and movies on your mobile phones. With these top streaming apps for mobiles, you don't have to sit or wait to watch your favourite TV shows or mobiles. You can watch them on your phones anywhere and anytime for free.

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Best android free tv apps
Netflix and Amazon Prime are good for your smart TV. They offer high-quality content and sometimes even exclusive and not so expensive subscription. However, the people who primarily use the media on their phone or tablet do not like the idea of spending the money to watch TV on small screens. Fortunately, piracy is not the only way to avoid it. There are some good apps and ad-supported services that allow you to stream movies and TV shows for free. 

Here are the top free mobile TV streaming apps you can download to watch TV and Movies on your phone

1. Mobdro free Mobile TV streaming app

It is very sad that one of the best live mobile TV application is not available on Google Play Store. You need to go to the developer site and download it, but it's worth all the trouble. Mobdro offers an excellent selection of channels, including National Geographic Channel History, HBO, FX, SyFy, Discovery, BBC, Sky Movies and Cartoon Network. Then there are several movies streaming list that correspond to different genres of movies like action, horror, thriller, drama, comedy and more. What's more, you can watch your favourite shows like Game Of Thrones and South Park Binge. The application also provides courses dedicated to news, sports and music. In short, an application that should be tested for your Android phone or table.

2. Tubi.TV free Mobile TV streaming app

The not-so-popular application Tubi.TV is good for US and South Korean Hollywood films. Also, it has many US TV shows. The best past however his conventional breeding such as Deah racing 2000, 12 Angry Men, American Psycho, etc. In addition, a constant share content of Paramount Pictures and Lions Gate Entertainment is often added. The service is totally free with no in-app purchase. The application is available on Android, iOS and even it is available via The Web.

3. Livestream TV free Mobile TV streaming app

Although wrapped in a sloppy user interface, this application is very useful. It offers more than 300 free live TV channels from all over the world. It also accesses a wide range of content on demand, you can view in SD for free. It has enough free channels for you to watch the English Premier League, the Champions League, the Cricket World Cup and the most important tennis events for free. The best thing is that it does not even have to register the service or money for free TV.

4. NexGTv TV free Mobile TV streaming app

If you only love to watch Indian TV channels and shows, nexGTv is a good choice. The free app provides most of the news channels of the country free of charge. You can also watch free entertainment channels. However, for conventional things like B4U movies and cartoon network, you need to pay money. You need to pay the amount of Rs 600 per year per channel. Therefore, we recommend you to keep up only with the latest news in India to stay updated.
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