Amazon Fire TV Stick Coming to India This Month At a Low Price of Rs 1999 only

Amazon Fire TV Stick to launch in India soon at a very cheap price of Rs 1,999.

Amazon's Fire TV Stick, which is a streaming TV stick that could launch in India this month at a starting price of Rs 1,999, according to a report. The price will be higher for consumers who are a non-Prime member of Amazon, around Rs 3,999. The report adds that this launch has been due for some time in India.

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Amazon fire tv stick review
Amazon Fire TV stick is an online TV streaming device that competes with Google's Chromecast, Roku and other streaming devices. Since the Amazon Prime video released in India this year, the company will also introduce its streaming devices soon.

In the United States, there is also a version of the Fire TV Stick with the remote control controlled by Alexa, although it is unclear if this version will reach India. This USB stick can be connected to the television, and users can flip through TV channels and applications to stream content on their TV. The second generation of Amazon Fire TV Stick supports WiFi, 1080p streaming, and has a quad-core processor.

Amazon also has a Fire TV Box, although that is not coming to India yet. In India, Amazon Prime Video is included with the subscription of Amazon Prime, which currently has a price of Rs 499 for the year, although the price is expected to reach to Rs 999.

The Amazon Prime subscription offers users a free trial month. The Prime Video subscription allows users to stream content on three different screens simultaneously with a single membership. Amazon Prime Video content can also be streamed in Ultra HD or 4K resolution for all Prime users. On the other hand, rival Netflix charges more for those who want to access 4K content, and the ability to play on more screens simultaneously.

The biggest advantage of Amazon Prime Video in India now seems to be that it has a lot of regional content, including movies and TV shows, missing from its rival Netflix. In the latter case, the content is oriented around more than the original Netflix series and sample.
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