ViewQwest's New Android 4K TV Box is Best Streamer and Free to Air TV STB

Best streamer ViewQwest's new 4K TV box best free to air set-top box as well as best streaming TV box.

Who says you can not have your Android apps and TV channels for free in a convenient compact box? ViewQuest launched a new 4K TV box through which you can watch viewqwest tv channels as well as stream TV with this best streamer.

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In case it has been lost, the analog TV signals will be turned off by the end of this year. So if you want to keep enjoying your free to air TV channels, you're going to need a digital decoder and a satellite dish antenna.

Luckily, ViewQwest's new VQTV5 camcorder gives you access to your usual free to air TV channels, thanks to its built-in digital TV tuner, as well as more than 20 video streaming applications on a compact 4K TV box. There is something for everyone, since applications range from Netflix to Hulu and even Drama Fever (subscriptions not included).

Compared to the 8GB of the previous version, there is now 16GB for you to add new applications. And there is also support for 4K streaming while the VQTV5 runs Android 5.1.1.

And this Android TV box even has the intelligence to sniff why your most recent Netflix obsession is stuck buffer even with increased RAM and improved processor. The appropriate information related to the network and possible issues are highlighted to the people of ViewQwest which will then help you out, so you do not have to Google the problem yourself. Do not worry, they are not interested in your trashy reality TV-view habits, just the connection health of your home.

There is also a new remote that will make the navigation channel more of a breeze. You can point and click to get where you want instead of having the thumb numb from repeatedly pressing the buttons.

No matter what Internet provider you are on, the VQTV5 is available for your entertainment. You can buy it with the indoor TV antenna for the US $218 online or wherever ViewQwest fiber broadband is available. But if you're in ViewQwest's fiber optic broadband, you have to pay $ 188.
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