Dish TV Reduces Price of Base Pack Now Offers at RS 33 Per Month

Dish TV reduces Basic Pack Rate at Rs 33 per month to compete with DD Free dish: Dish compare packages.

Dish TV, the oldest direct to home TV DTH operator in India reduced the basic TV pack price of dish tv channels to become cheapest of all private Dth operators in India.

As part of the new "DishTV non-stop offer", the company will provide all the free-to-air TV channels for its subscribers for three years if a user made a one-time payment of Rs 1,149. For comparison: the monthly DTH package of the cheapest of any DTH operator in India is Rs 99.

Dish compare packages Dish tv channels, Dish TV Reduces Price of Base Pack Now Offers at RS 33 Per Month
dish tv channels

The package is designed to prevent customers of Dish TV from switching to Doordarshan, free DTH service DD Free Dish, which has emerged as a strong competitor of paid direct to home TV operators like Dish TV and Tata Sky.

Dish TV, a part of the Zee group, is particularly vulnerable to Doordarshan competition, as large number of its subscribers are from rural areas in the Hindi band.

DD Free Dish currently has about 155 channels, including 32 educational channels on subjects such as natural sciences, mathematics, and technology, offered by the Human Resources Department.

In addition, DD Free Dish also has a large number of entertainment channels, movie channels and news channels in Hindi and in English.

The most popular Indian news channels such as IBN 7 and Aaj Tak are available on the platform, as well as many home drama channels such as Star Utsav and Zee Anmol.

Many users, especially in the rural areas of the eastern Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and Bihar, have shifted from different paid platforms to DD free Dish service after DD extended its channel list for over a year.

Dish TV is the only private player that allows all viewers to watch channels from DD's free dish with their dish TV set-top-box. However, until now, it forced them to pay at least 99 Rs per month plus taxes to prevent the operator from locking their set top boxes and to enjoy dish tv channels.

With the new nonstop offer, these viewers could ensure that their set top boxes are not blocked by Dish TV for the next three years. Only Rs 1.149 load is necessary to enjoy the free to air channels of free dish comparable to the cost of a new connection and Free Dish DTH Set-top-box.

Drawbacks of Dish TV RS 99 monthly channel pack

In addition, there are two points of uncertainty with the new offer of Dish TV - tariff regulation by the sector regulator and the possibility of Doordarshan to encrypt its channels.

For two years, Doordarshan said that they are going to end the unencrypted transfer of their DTH service, but it has not yet done.

Once the encrypted transmission, all users will need to buy new dd Freedish decoders from agents appointed by Doordarshan. Since most customers can get a free dish stb at a very low price, it could probably be a significant disruption to the dish tv channels service for existing customer base of Dish TV.
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