First 4K UHD Ultra TV With Alexa Voice Control Launched Like sci fi TV Review

Westinghouse has just built the 4K TV of our science fiction dreams and it's all thanks to Alexa

It used to be that you bought a cheap budget brand television and got pure junk for what you paid for, but that's not the way it is.

Westinghouse and the new 4K Amazon Fire Edition TVs, the first smart TVs to include Alexa voice control. The new 4K UHD TV starts at $449 for a 43-inch and $889 for the 65-inch 4K TV.

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With the latest Fire TV update, Amazon gave the user interface a reboot to put the content front and center. Westinghouse and Fire TV Editions take the new user interface and build on top of it, creating a smart TV interface that just makes sense.

Features such as the ability to rename inputs to "PlayStation", or "Xbox", or "Blu-ray" instead of trying to remember what HDMI 1, or HDMI 2 or HDMI 3 are will leave you impressed. Of course, most smart TVs allow you to change the name of the tickets, but I've never seen anyone do it. The only reason I have names is just because I accidentally tripped over the environment, which was buried inside layers of menu systems. In addition, the inputs are not displayed as elegantly as the Fire TV interface.

Alexa, the best artificial assistant for 4k UHD TV

The picture quality of the 4K UHD TV is awesome, but I can say that it has Alexa voice controls with the ability to play and discover live on the air (OTA) Television channels, in addition to content available on Fire TV feels like a game changer, and could be the first real step towards an "Amazon TV".

Sandeep Gupta, Amazon's vice president of Amazon TV and Fire TV, told me during a demo that Amazon and Westinghouse / Element struggled to reinvent television.

Instead of focusing on channel numbers or programming guides, televisions allow the content to shine.

When you plug an antenna into the TVs to suck in all the free OTA channels - it's crazy how most people forget that there is still plenty of free TV transmission, including major channels like CBS, NBC, ABC, CW and More - than intelligently rearrange the content alphabetically in the row "On Now". The channels you see most often appear at the front of the row, so you do not need to continue clicking to find them.

It is simple, organized and intelligent. The lack of emphasis on channel numbers is not very different from what YouTube is doing with YouTube TV.

Alexa works as expected with the included Voice Remote Control, which resembles a longer Fire TV Voice Remote, but with volume buttons and three buttons for Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Amazon Music.

Say "Alexa, go to CBS" and she will go up the channel. Say "Alexa, switch to PlayStation" and it will change you from any input you are seeing to the game console.

Alexa is not limited to the basic switching of channels. Actually, look at the meta information of the OTA channels so you can find live OTA content with voice commands. For example, if you want to see "Rachael Ray" simply say "Alexa, play Rachael Ray".

Just like in Fire TV, you also get all the functions of Alexa, including the intelligent control of your home and access to your knowledge database. If for any reason halfway through a modern family you want to check the weather, order pizza, or look for a fact, just ask Alexa.

Glimpse of the future

While I did not get to try the televisions day in and out at home, I noticed no lag while zipping through the interface or using Alexa. Sung Choi, vice president of marketing at Element Electronics, says the company does not skimp on hardware to power the software.

You are not getting wimpy just-good-enough Fire TV Stick hardware; The TVs come with a quad-core processor, 3GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage (expandable via USB port and SD card) and Wi-Fi antennas that are strategically placed on the bezel for the best signal.

The words do not really make the smart TV from TVs and integration justice from Alexa. After watching the TVs, they remind me how sceptical the Fire TV and Echo people were. People did not understand why they would want these artefacts until they realized they were doing the most convenient things, and now they can not go back.

Not make mistakes; While the Amazon logo is not on these televisions, it's not hard to imagine a day when it will be. There may not even be a need for a remote voice control if Amazon can build Echo's far-field technology that activates Alexa directly on the TV.
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