Almatel Kazakhstan launches new HEVC DTH service with Harmonic offers 140 channels

Almatel Kazakhstan launches new HEVC DTH service with Harmonic. Through the satellite television platform, Kazakhstan's top pay-TV operator delivers 140 channels to subscribers
Harmonic, a world leader in video distribution infrastructure, today announced that Kazakhstan's largest cable operator, Almatel Kazakhstan, which operates under the Alma TV brand, has increased its cable television service by launching a satellite Direct to Home TV platform with the latest generation HEVC video compression solution from Harmonic.

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Almatel Kazakhstan launches new HEVC DTH

 Harmonic's advanced Electra™ X media processing platform enables Alma TV to deliver high-quality SD, HD and UHD channels through Kazakhstan with increased bandwidth efficiency by leveraging the HEVC video codec. Using the software-based Electra X system, Alma TV can easily adopt new formats and codecs in the future, including 4K/UHD.

"Our subscribers demand exceptional video quality, so when it came to finding a solution provider for video delivery, Harmonic was the clearest choice based on its extensive experience in implementation, technological innovation, and competitive pricing," he said. Said Eric Franke, CEO of Almatel Kazakhstan. "Being able to deliver around 140 SD and HD channels from the same DTH platform improves efficiency and gives us a competitive edge in the marketplace, attracting new subscribers."

According to a recent IHS study, the number of global households with a 4K / UHD television will grow from 28 million in 2015 to 335 million in 2020. Powered by Harmonic PURE Compression Engine ™, the Electra X system allows Alma TV to provide its new DTH clients with superior video quality at low bit rates, while also releasing additional bandwidth. With additional bandwidth at its disposal, Alma TV has launched a UHD channel and is planning to expand its UHD offerings in the future to increase revenue streams.

"Alma TV was smart to launch its DTH platform using the HEVC codec, which provides a 50 percent increase in bandwidth savings compared to MPEG-4," said Ian Graham, vice president of sales, EMEA and LATAM at Harmonic. "As pay-TV operators around the world are looking to launch UHD offers, having a flexible and easily upgradeable media processor such as the Electra X platform with advanced encoding technology will be key to its success."

More information on Harmonic and the company's products is available at

About Almatel Kazakhstan:

Almatel Kazakhstan, under the trademark Alma TV has been in the Kazakhstan market since 1994, providing cable television services in 19 cities. In addition to classic television, the company offers the ALMA TV BOX and interactive TV service, which is available anywhere in Kazakhstan. In March the company launched a brand new service - satellite TV. The company not only broadens the geography of its presence but also provides technical re-teams, using the latest achievements in telecommunication technologies. More information is available at
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