Download Best Firestick Apps: 7 Top Amazon Firestick apps You Must Have

Firestick apps: Best Firestick Apps: Seven must have applications for your Amazon Fire TV Stick. Amazon's Fire TV Stick launched in India last month, and in that time, we have seen a number of companies get in the car to provide their services through the platform. In Rs. 3,999, the Amazon Fire TV Stick is priced similar to Google's Chromecast, although the two products are actually very different, as we noted in our review.

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Best firestick apps for Amazon fire stick live TV

Getting the Amazon Fire TV Stick without subscribing to Amazon Prime does not make much sense. Not only is the device cheaper if you are a leading member - you get a Rs 499 cash as Amazon Pay balance after purchase - but only the top members have access to Amazon Prime Video, which is a very good video service that is reasonably priced. It also has its share of exclusives, including, most of the latter, American Gods.

The Fire TV Stick is very suitable for people who want to navigate around to find something to watch, a bit like it would on a regular TV. If you've bought a Fire TV Stick, or are planning to do so, getting the right apps will help. Here are seven applications that your Fire TV Stick should have, apart from Amazon Prime Video, obviously.

1. Best Firestick Apps: YouTube

The YouTube application is basically your TV website, but that does not mean it is not one of the most used applications in our Fire TV Stick. It's easy to find the content you want, or browse your subs, and the world's biggest video destination really does not need presentation.

Many publishers upload shows directly to YouTube, and it's still home to a lot of viral content. Once you are logged in, you can even control YouTube through your phone, making it very convenient.

Download YouTube for the Amazon Fire TV Stick

2. Netflix: apps for firestick

Another obvious selection is Netflix, although the Netflix app does not seem to be available in the Indian store from now on - hopefully, it will be restored soon. While a Netflix subscription costs much more than the membership of Amazon Prime, the service has its share of much-loved exclusives.

If you are a fan of programs like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage or Iron Fist, or if you follow other originals like Master of None, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Orange is the New Black or House of Cards, then Netflix is the best way To keep up with the latest episodes.

It helps the Netflix interface to translate really well to the big screen, charging gently and allowing it to quickly start navigating the Fire TV Stick.

Download Netflix for the Amazon Fire TV Stick

3. Hotstar for Firetv stick

If you think a Netflix subscription is too expensive, Star's Hotstar is worth considering. It will give you access to the HBO catalogue, with programs like Game of Thrones, Westworld and Silicon Valley, along with Disney and Marvel movies. On top of that, you can watch popular shows like Modern Family and Homeland. In addition to this, for cricket fans, Hotstar is also the place where you can broadcast IPL, all international matches played in India, and a much sportier action, including the Premier League.

Between the two applications, Netflix definitely has a much better interface. But if you are a cost conscious streamer, then going with Hotstar is the obvious choice because of its much more reasonable content library.

Beyond that, we must add that the application has been improving constantly since it was launched for the first time, and there are high hopes that it will also improve on Fire TV Stick.

Download Hotstar for the Amazon Fire TV Stick

4. Gaana Best Firestick Apps

With the first three apps, you have the video on demand resolved, but if you use YouTube to listen to music, you're doing it wrong. The discovery of music on YouTube is not great, and you're also wasting a lot of bandwidth on videos if you just want the songs.

We tested a number of different options for streaming music, but we finally settled on the Gaana app. These are some peculiarities about how the search works, and the radio function, but the collection is good, the whole experience is free, and once it is being transmitted, it works reliably. If you like a mix of Indian and international music, then Gaana is your best choice - on many days, we stand in front of the television, and let an automated playlist take over while working on our laptop.

Download Gaana for the Amazon Fire TV Stick

5. DittoTV for Amazon fire stick live TV

DittoTV is an application that transmits live TV that is otherwise transmitted to your TVs, and you can choose from a wide variety of content in just Rs. 20 per month, making it the most affordable "premium" offer.

With DittoTV, you get all Zee channels along with a number of additional channels. If you are thinking of cutting the cable, but have not made the leap yet, because your favourite shows are not available online, DittoTV could help bridge the gap, at a fairly affordable price - just make sure the channel (s) You want to see are part of the package.

Download DittoTV for the Amazon Fire TV Stick

6. VLC for fireTV stick

You can get several free media players for FireTV, but our selection is VLC for Fire, a name that should be familiar to the world of the PC. The application allows you to play videos stored locally, which you could have downloaded on the Fire TV Stick itself or on videos stored on the network.

VLC plays a large number of formats, and handles virtually any type of video without problems, with options for subtitles and several playback controls. It's smooth and reliable, and if you have a lot of content offline, getting VLC is an obvious decision.

Download VLC for Fire for the Amazon Fire TV Stick

7. Kodi Amazon fire stick, Kodi for firestick

Formerly known as XBMC, the Kodi media centre is one of the most advanced ways to manage your content library and comes with a wealth of add-ons that make it easier to enhance your capabilities.

The application was officially removed from the Amazon Appstore because it can be used for hacking, but it is very easy to load applications on the Fire TV Stick. All you need is the APK file and a file management application. If you need a step-by-step guide, take a look at this detailed explainer.

Kodi allows you to manage your local library and has a series of add-ons that really increase its functionality, making it a home page where you can get all kinds of information, such as your Twitter and RSS feeds, or weather updates if you wish That the application does all that. You can also get music and video plugins to automatically search for lyrics and subtitles, and there are also a number of add-ons that allow hacking for users so inclined.

Download kodi for firestick

Bonus Selections Although we have maintained our main list only with media applications, there are a couple of other things we recommend you to install on your Fire TV Stick. The first is ES File Explorer - this is one of our favourite file managers, and it is very easy to use. It works well on the Fire TV Stick as well and is very useful if you are storing videos on the Fire TV Stick, or if you are trying to load applications like Kodi.

Secondly, we recommend that you get the Firefox browser. You'll need to load it laterally similarly to the Kodi install, but once you're up and running, Firefox is a convenient way to find new files for Fire TV Stick using the device itself. Yes, it is difficult to navigate to a website if you are typing URLs using the TV's remote control, but you can connect a Bluetooth keyboard to the Fire TV Stick or use the companion application on your smartphone to simplify your life.

Before we go, it is also worth remembering that the Amazon Fire TV Stick supports a number of casual games. These are largely ignored as it is quite low and the remote is not well suited to games. However, if we had to recommend just one game for you to try, it would be Crossy Road, which is still free and fun.

These are our best selections, although there are many more applications that you can and should install on your Fire TV Stick. Indian news channels have a presence: apps could be better, but you should get your favourite channel anyway to stay current. There are also some excellent DLNA applications that you can install to easily get video content from your phone to your TV.

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