Sky Q Sky Box Update Now Allows Users to Record 6 TV Channels While Watching 7th

Sky Q, Sky box update, Sky q update. The new Sky TV, Sky box update means that users can finally record more channels at once. SKY has announced its popular Sky Q box now allows users to record six programs and watch the seventh one at the same time.

Sky Q may be over a year old but Sky continues to upgrade its flagship service.

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Earlier this year, the satellite TV company launched a major update that brought the long-rumored voice search feature, as well as a number of new customization options for its home page.

This means that Sky Q owners can now press and hold the dedicated voice button on the side of the Bluetooth Sky Q remote control and simply say what they are looking for.

Now just released another Sky Q update that allows Sky Q 2TB users to record six programs while watching the seventh channel.

So far, Sky Q allowed five shows to be recorded at the same time.

To use the new feature, users should update their box by going to Settings> Settings> Preferences> the maximum number of recordings.

From this menu, the number can simply be changed from five to six.

Sky says its new Q service is now in more than a million homes.

And the firm has revealed that it is working on a number of new features for its Sky Q hardware for launch later this year.

The British broadcaster has joked that voice control and sports restart are in the pipeline for a future upgrade.

And in 2018, Sky will launch Sky TV without the need for a satellite dish, bringing Sky to millions of more homes.

After its initial launch last year, Sky recently reduced the price of its Sky Q badge service.

This latest offer means that customers can experience Sky Q for only €22 per month.

The cheapest package for Sky Q originally started from £44 a month. That's a saving of 54.5 percent.

This new base package of £22 includes a box of Sky Q 1TB and access to more than 270 channels including Sky Atlantic.
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